Popeyes Louisiana Kitchencustomer service

I would not even be going to this extent if Popeye's customer service was half way decent.
I complained over the phone via their customer service line, I tried to contact the store manager (after ringing for what seemed like forever, the only greeting I got was go ahead in a very rude hard to understand accent), I have filled out a contact us form, I have also used messaging on facebook on Popeye's main account- only to be continuously ignored, and my concern has not been addressed. I visited on Sunday evening and ordered a 10 piece spicy tenders family meal, after the guy repeated my order back to me correctly and I waited in line over 20 minutes with a screaming 5 year old, it did not even cross my mind that I might not have the correct order. I then drove home (25 minutes away) frustrated from the wait. After I got home, I realized that I had gotten a 10 piece mixed box. I do not eat bone-in chicken, and I absolutely would not have gone to Popeye's for it. This was not even a huge issue-had it been addressed properly. The main complaint is the customer service, they never tried to make it right and I could not get a call back. I could not even get a robo-response.

Nov 23, 2018

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