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I am a valued customer of yours and would like for you to know about the Shurling Drive, Macon, Ga location. I could complain for days about the poor service and bad manners here @ Popeyes but especially today June 19, 2018 @ approximately 7:15 pm. I was @ the drive thru window and the service worker says @ the window immediately, it would be 15 mins b4 being served cause there are other people ahead of me to be served waiting on chicken, so I say ok that's fine. I ordered the $10 box with a 3biscuits, 2apple pies, and a large Tea. I waited patiently in the line for 15/20 mins with only (one) car ahead of me
and 2 people inside and when the server finally comes and opened the window n tells me the total. I hand her a $100 bill. She states she can't take it. I say why she says she doesn't have that kind of change. I say how is that and she states. "Like I Said" I aint got that kind of change in a very ghetto, disrespectful way which this is not the first time with their drive thru window employees. I will never return to this branch. They are rude, disrespectful and have very nasty attitudes. The manager was [protected]@ the register when she addressed me and didn't speak one mumbling word. So why address the situation. I have been to numerous Popeyes Chicken and never received the treatment that I have [protected]@ this particular one. If they don't want to work they should stay @ home. I help pay their salaries along with other customers and refuse to be treated like this by anyone. Not the 1st time but definitely the last [protected]@ this particular branch. If a manager allows this type of behavior they need to be go home as well. Last time I checked, a cashier's job is to have great customer service. If I had said something wrong, it would be different but this definitely was not the case ever! She had an attitude b4 she even saw my face from just placing an order! Ridiculous!

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    Poor service and bad manners Popeyes Chicken Shurling Drive, Macon, Ga 31217

Jun 19, 2018
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