Popeyes Chickenworkers and managers

I'm a employee with all I'm not disclosing my name due to situations at work place.. I have been with all almost 2 years now. I love working at the popeyes Louisiana chicken on Rogers av in fort Smith Arkansas. .
I have the ran into issues.. I been noticing inappropriate behavior going between managers an employees... One inparticular slept with a fellow employee an when I told the assistant managers I guess he got upset.. He then started making up lies complete lies about me to other managers resulting in two write ups the last one was a final warning write up which is unfair due to me being a single mother I am going to be late.. Its hard finding a trust worthy sitter for my 9 month old son.. I always called in advance an get them know. .. I found out this manager sleeping with other Co workers is trying to get me fired...See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Fort Smith, AR I was told he don't like me. . I been with you guys. Two years I was 3 months pregnant when I started an i litterally worked up until the day I had my son. I had my son April 13(if shown to staff on Rogers please mark out date) an I worked closed actually April 12th both of 2016... I really want to continue working for all but if this continues you are probably going to see several lawsuits on sexual harassment on Mr. Greg (the manager doing the inappropriate behavior with other Co workers) its unfair that I worked so hard an I have not received a promotion nor a raise at all .. There is alot of faulty things going on an think you guys need to send a informent in an clean house.. If you need any other info you can call me at ( blank out if shown to other employees please) [protected]
Thank you god bless you..


Jan 18, 2017

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