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I passed two other chicken establishments to go to Popeyes because I wanted spicy chicken. I went through the drive-thru and had to tell the person three times what I wanted to order. When I got to the window, I had to tell her again twice what my order was. She then said they were out of spicy and did I want to wait.See Top 10 Worst Companies in McKinney, TXI said I would wait, so I paid and she said pull around front and they would bring it out. They brought out my food and I took it home without checking the order. Needless to say, they had my husbands order wrong. This particular restaurant has bad service which is why we very seldom go there, and after today, I probably won't go back. Are two simple dinner orders that hard to understand? And where do you find such stupid employees?

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      Aug 04, 2009

    I am a muslim and eat halal meat. However, I whole heartedly agree that some of the Popeyes chicken outlets have the worst customer service one can imagine.

    Since these are franchise outlets and the outlets are run by the owner and mostly by the family members of the owner, the team does not have any regards for cusomer service. Bad mouth, poor attitude, slow service and wrong orders are normal.

    I had a personal experience with the popeye outlet on Matheson near Heartland Town center in Mississauga. I ordered chicken and the girl on the register continued to enter wrong order and i had to repeatedly correct her. She got annoyed and retaliated by stating that she knows what she is doing and does not need advise. The order was entered and took what i ordered home to find that biscuits and fries were missing. I went back to the store and spoke to the supervisor on duty who dumped the two items on the counter and commented "When people want more they come back with complaints". The same girl on the register also started shouting. The complaint was filed with the head office, who responded that since these are franchise outlets there is not much they can do.

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      Jun 03, 2016
    Popeyes Chicken - Did not complete order
    Popeyes Chicken
    United States

    Went to drive up order a 3 piece dinner with red beans I did not get the beans could not go back at that time when I call they said that my name will be put in a book so I will have a problem 3 days later I went to get the beans my name was not in the books I have to wait 30 min they make feel like I was trying to steal a side of beans I just wanted what I paid for I left I do not play does type of games I never got what I paid for I did not wanted chicken and biscuit or beans 3 days later I wanted a 3 piece dinner with red beans at the same not 3 days apart.

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  • Ly
      Jun 03, 2016

    Went to Popeyes Chicken yesterday order sweet tea and the sweet tea had a awful smell. I want my money back. The expire date had 0613.

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