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PNC Mortgage / errant foreclosure

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PNC falsely listed my home as foreclosed and turned over legal rights of it to Freddie Mac.
At first they denied making the mistake, and then they were slow at correcting it.
They were very arrogant and disorganized.
And they wouldn't compensate me in anyway for the trouble they put me through.
I would avoid doing business with them.

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  • Ch
      8th of Jun, 2010
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    I live in Nampa, Id and since March 2009 i have been dealing with PNC. I was 2mos behind and they tossed me into the stimulus pkg to HELP me. Yeah right...i have been twice denied...they will not accept pymt. Now Months later we have a pymt arrangement dated june 2nd and the very next day we receive a letter from an attorneys office saying PNC turned us to them to start foreclosure...!!!
    What the heck kind of racket is this. They are suppose to help you but really are screwing us around so much that now we are behind again. I have been on the phone for over 40 minutes waiting for someone in the foreclosure dept to answer the phone. This wait time indicates to me that I am not alone in this problem witg PNC.
    I finally after 45 mins on hold spoke with loss mitigation at PNC and they told me we have to start over yet again!!! The pymt plan is void because we could not pull money out of our 401K with in three days. This company is a joke. WOULD WARN EVERYONE TO STAY AWAY FROM THEM !!! I TOLD THE LADY I AM CONTACTING THE ATTORNEY GENERAL IN IDAHO AND IN OHIO WHERE THEY ARE LOCATED.!!!

  • Pu
      15th of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes

    yes I do agree with all the above comments regarding PNC mortgage. seriously pnc must be investigated by the Attorney general office in all state. they do not care about any home owner except their greedy wicked company. I had applied for modification work up 4 times after I was told I do qualify, nevertheless, I had been turned down by this company everytime. If you late 2 mths with your payment, they will not take one month if you sent it. Their evil and wicked self will return the money. PNC delight in foreclosing people's homes than assisting them with any alternative work up. May judgement come over the whole company and the foreclosure lawyers. D

    Don, Maryland state.

  • Ja
      1st of Nov, 2010
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    We sold a house in another state and bought our dream house in 2006 in a different state. We were told at the signing with National City that it was a "30 year fixed loan!" The agent also said, "no worries, we can refi in a couple years!" well, we had NO idea it was a 7 year ARM Interest only loan. We tried to do a mod ourselves to no avail and then paid 3, 200.00 to a mod company that was equally unsucessful. We have since filed CH 13 BK, but saved the house. The loan is set to reset in 2013. To me anymore, part of me wishes I could have walked away when the chance was right and left PRIVATE NAZI CORPORATION (PNC) with a -250, 000 bill on an underwater RIPOFF we call our home!!!
    yes, I agree...they could care less. I am hoping more for Kharma!!!

  • Li
      26th of Jan, 2011
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    We need to organize and stand together in a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT!!1

  • Li
      26th of Jan, 2011
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    Mortgage-Related Issues and Home Affordable Modification Program

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  • Ch
      22nd of May, 2013
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    I agree that PNC should be investigated for their unethical practices. I have tried for over 8 months to get them to recognize me as a "BORROWER" on a loan that was modified in 2010. I was on the original note in 2004 when the house was purchased. My now ex-husband decided to take his new wife to Costa Rica and stop that house payment. So I fought and fought and FINALLY got it modified in 2009. They took my income, they pulled my credit reports, they asked for my bank statements, I signed documents listing me a BORROWER, it was filed and recorded in our courts. In our divorce I was awarded the house as a "property Settlement" and he was o make the payments until I decided to sell or it was paid in full.Loss Mitigation got copies of my finalized divorce papers during the processing of the modification Now the ex-husband filed for a Chapter 7, surrendering my house, but it is NOT DISCHARGEABLE . Once I found out about the filing I contacted PNC to let them know that i too would have no choice but to go bankrupt since he left me owing bills, BUT I was going to REAFFIRM the house. They told me they could not talk to me because they did not have permission from the BORROWER. I told them i was the borrower, they are not recognizing me one bit. They have given me the run around . one lie after another. I was told just because the loan was modified did NOT overrule the original note and settlement. that I was not on them, but I AM I said. They told me to get the ex's permission and they would talk to me. He is going bankrupt and surrendered the house, he is still ALLOWED information and I am NOT. I have contacted Ramona Dishman, which was told she is the assistant to Bill Cunningham, Senior Vice President. She told me to call Loan Escalations and she would call over and have someone talk to me. i could never get through, by the time I tried her back she was already gone, but she had someone from Customer Advocacy to call me. This was April 23, 2013. i explained everything again. I want access to my ACCOUNT, I want to be recognized as a borrower, the ex-husband is going bankrupt but he still is required to make the payments, but I am not sure he will and I want to be able to have access so I can if he doesn't and then file contempt against him, but she told me this was going to take some time to be patient. She was really good about calling me every other day, keeping me up to date, on their PROGRESS getting to the bottom of this mess. I fax over all the documents used in the modification, in the original loan, the divorce papers, the letter from him notarized in the divorced about the modification, copies of the divorce, everything. It was sent to their legal department to be researched. and a decision. What decision is there to be made? There is no decision. I am listed as BORROWER and that's the end of it. It was sent to the legal department in 2010 when all the papers went back signed and sealed and accepted in the modification, and it was checked and sent to the court house to be filed. Now it is back in their legal department being researched, that is INSANE.. After several emails and phone calls from this person that was taking care of it, it seems now I can't even get a response, and if I do it is just basically another story. As of today, I have emailed 4 times and no response from her. I have talked with an attorney, he researched the paperwork filed and recorded and done it in 2 DAYS, not a month. He has told me that I need to consider filing a motion for a BREACH OF CONTRACT because there is ABSOLUTELY no reason why they are doing this everything is as it should be. I have filed complaints with the Attorney General's Office in Georgia, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, The Office of Consumer Affairs. I received a letter from PNC about the complaint from Consumer Affiars, that states" they have received my complaint and when they respond they will respond to the BORROWER because they don't have permission to discuss the loan with me". ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I am past being pissed with these ignorant people. I am wanting to keep the house, I want to pay the payments if he doesn't, how hard is that. I have filed for a proceeding in his bankruptcy, so i can make certain he won't be allowed to ever have this debt discharged until it is paid in full, and as soon as that is done, I should of heard back from one of the complaints I filed, and then i am going to file for BREACH OF CONTRACT. This mortgage company needs to be held accountable for what they do and DO NOT DO. This is not a hard fix.. Its plain and simple. We got a modification, I am on there as BORROWER, you have no legal right to dispute me as that. PNC accepted the signed, and notarized paperwork back, they signed it and accepted, that makes is LEGAL AND BINDING, . The people that tell you they are going to help start out of the gate great but don't finish and they have no remorse whatsoever the lies they tell the homeowner. What if it were them????
    I would have no problem filing a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against them or being included in one if needed to. I want this mortgage company to abide by the law and do what they should do instead of lying to us all in their favor. NO MATTER WHAT...

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