PNC Financial Services Group / the teller that waited on me was rude and hostile

Lexington, KY, United States
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I returned to the lexington ky from vietnam with a small amount of foreign currency to exchange. I called bank and the teller seth to me bring it in and well exchange no problem. I go there and then he informs me we can't do it now we have to send off and you need to wait. If the teller didnt know the answer on phone he shouldnt have told me to come there. The next 5 minutes the teller proceeds with a high and mighty attitude telling me its my fault not his. He shouldn't be answering questions if they are outside his league or even talking to customers the way he went off. I wanted to pull my accounts however aj and the branch supervisor talked to me. The teller never apologized for his rude behavior. A sincere mr. Gunshore I didn't know the answer and I am sorry for wasting your time would have been nice. However business as usual.

Oct 14, 2017

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