PNC Financial Services Groupbank employees

I am at the Salisbury MD branch and nobody knows what is going on.
I called before I came to ensure I could get a new debit card printed.
I waited in line and was told the other teller can do it as soon as they are done helping the customer.
The customer left and so did teller.
Finally another woman came out to find out what everyone is waiting for.
I let her know I was waiting for a debit card and she said nobody was available.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Salisbury, MD
Finally a different woman helped me get a new card. She asked for my drivers license three times for whatever reason and still was unable to print a debit card
Finally after waiting for 30 minutes she told me their machine was broken.
I asked for the branch managers name in which it was given to me and said that I could call the number on the front of the business card to reach her.
I think I will just switch to the local federal credit union. I work and do not have time to wait around for incompetent tellers.

May 02, 2017

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