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PNC Bank / scam charges

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PNC bank, among others, uses the predatory practice of clearing checks 'highest to lowest' first. This creates a huge profit capitalizing on small customer errors.


Account balance on any given day is $500. Yesterday, you used your bank card for $20 and say $30 and didn't enter the items in your checking account register (an error which I agree you should pay for, after all it is your mistake which will cause the following but it is PNC's greed which will exponentially raise the cost of your error).

At the same time those two debits are clearing a check which you wrote comes through your bank for $475. PNC now employs the predatory practice of what is called 'highest to lowest'. Here's how it works. By disregarding the order in which the debits are presented PNC formats their internal program to clear the highest presented item first and continue in that order until everything is cleared.

If by random chance the other items comes through first, here is what will happen to your account. Balance $500. Deduction $30 (cleared). New balance $470. Deduction $20 (cleared). New balance $450. Check in the amount of $475 (overdrafted) balance negative $25. Total NSF charges $36.

Here, instead the predatory way PNC calculates the withdrawals, disregarding the order in which they are actually presented but instead re-ordering them in the way most harmful to you and most beneficial to them. Balance $500. Deduction $475. New balance $25. Deduction $30 (overdrafted). New Balance -$5. Deduction $20. New Balance -$25.

So, because of their greedy, anti-customer predatory practices PNC has now manipulated your withdrawals to double the fees you were charged for your error. If you ask PNC why they did this, they will give you the continued repeated lie every bank involved in this process gives you. We take these out highest to lowest because the highest might be a mortgage and we don't want to ruin your credit or cause you any embarrassment.


The fact is, if your account is presented with a check for $475 which overdrafts your account $25 there is NO bank in the country which is going to return that check and cause you 'embarrassment' or 'ruin your credit'. NONE!

What makes this deceiving practice all the more detestable is this above stock lie they give you. Banks, wake up! You may be able to continue to lie to each other because you're all out of the same ilk (which is probably why none of you will lend any money to each other and we, the american people, have to go into our pockets to bail out your greedy ignorance) but don't underestimate the intelligence of the average american.

There are those of us that know exactly how you operate and this post is intended to inform even more.

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  • Gd
      28th of Jul, 2009

    PNC Bank has many more predatory practices. They charged me more than $100 dollars claiming that my account was overdrawn because of a PENDING charge (a charge that never came through). They also took money out of my account to pay a loan that I have with them WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION.

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  • Je
      28th of Mar, 2012

    I just went into a PNC Bank that is right across the street from me. Yesterday I asked for a check to be made out-she did that, then that night I had to open it and ripped the check-which is definitely my fault.But today I took the chek in and they said they needed the receipt, I called yesterday so why didn't they tell me then? When I was there I wondered why they wouldn't ask the person who had signed the check.I had to go back. Today I was calling about you doing it at every branch when on your answering service it asked for my ID # it should say 9 digit so I won't get confused, it asked a second time for a number I thought it was talking about my 4 digit # it wasn't- again it should say 9 or 4 digit # so I won't get confused.When I finally got thru I forgot what I was calling about.I was wondering if the receipt had to be sent to home office, is that the reason? Another thing why don't you have a Debit machine there for
    the customer to use? Oh, and I do get confused-so please don't get me more confused, Okay? This branch is 11700 East 15 mile Sterling Heights Mi. I really like their personalities so please Don't change thir positions. Sincerely Jean Calder-I have to take a bus to get to other banks

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  • Je
      28th of Mar, 2012

    Can someone please tell me how I get a hold of Verizon Pen-it is showing on my credit report and I paid it over a year ago. I cancelled my landline and they evidently assigned me aother account number but never told me about it. I never received a bill until it went to a collection agency as soon as it was explained I went and paid it and now it is showing on my credit report paid but for pay status it is showing Collection/Chargeoff does any body have a number I can call to get status to show settled-it really messes your credit up when it shows up as Collection/Chargeoff. My email is [protected]

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