PLDTno internet and no dial tone

we're having a problem regarding with the internet connection and dial tone from dec. 20 up to now dec. 25, 2014, one week before dec. 20, 2014 there's already a technician who came to fix with the same problem because we didn't have internet connection and dial tone for 2 weeks, we have call for one week before the technician came to fix it but after one week the problem seems to come out again. what really pissing me off is that starting of the year 2014 i have to call PLDT almost every month for the same issue and their reason is that the problem is with the main company, because they're renewing something, why don't the billing system got problem, even we don't have internet connection and dial tone the bill still sent to us, it's like openly stealing money from us, and renewing for a year is too over, 2014 is about to end and 2015 is about to come, wish that PLDT can fix it as fast as they can.

Dec 25, 2014

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