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I have been experiencing very slow internet connection for almost 3 wks now and nothing has been done to fix this on PlDT's part. I have been calling every 2 days to check what is happening. They always say there is downtime in their system thats why im experiencing slow connections but after the downtime is fixed, still my connection is poor. One agent said that he will report it so that tech can visit my area and do some testing maybe my router is the culprit. After 2 days, no one visited my area nor does anyone contacted me about any feedback from there end. I called again and said there is another downtime. Its been 2wks have passed still connection was not fixed. Now, the downtime is gone but the connection is very very slow from previous one. Im just getting 0.1mbps download with 2, 000ms of ping. I dont know what to do now if i just need to change provider or what.


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      Nov 21, 2015

    11/27/2015 DUE DATE !! 11/20/2015 i paid my internet. 11/21/2015 our internet "PLDT HOME FIBR" got disconnected. Slow Connection But FAST disconnection its all about the money . right?

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      Sep 11, 2016

    We were customer of pkdt gome bro ultera for over one year, but my don needs to go to com shop for his project, due to interrupting and slow connection of ulteta. Complaint was brougth to pldt san vicente san pedro and resilution was upgradeto pldt dsl 1299plan. Unfortunately from aug 2 to date the status of upgade was pend to ci validation. Its really unfair to be billed monthly at 1248.00 for this continued kind of service.

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