PLDT DSL 5mbpsalmost a month of bad ping and speed and being ignored

For 23 days now we have been under a bad internet speed and ping. Before 2015, our ping was around 31ms with the download speed of 4.9mbps. After 2014 however, january 1 2015, our internet has been dropping bad, our ping has been between 47ms to 157ms and our download speed has been between 2.9mbps to 3.5mbps. We called tech support numerous times. Demanded for a supervisor, always not available, never been available actually. A technician came here once, he didn't do anything but just told us he couldn't see any problems. I told him "are you not seeing the speedtest results? I recorded everything". Technician told me 47ms is still good and the download speed will never be perfect. I called tech support again after that day since it was getting worst, I often get speeds of below 4mbps and speedtest now often shows spikes. Whenever i'm working my pages would load slow, my online games will always show me with the highest ping among other players including those who are only under 3mbps. The technician who called me told me it's up to me whatever I decide, he was, in a way, telling me it's up to me if I should just cancel my account. It is hard for us to signup with all these lock-ins and contract agreements telling you once you sign up you can't escape and when they are the ones unable to provide their part of the bargain they can easily tell you to quit? They finally told me after a couple of days that I am affected by an outage, called my relatives and friends and their pldt 3mbps dsl is fine and can even stream without buffering delays. We had no choice but to shut up, we waited for days, weeks, then suddenly received a text message saying the case was closed. I did a speedtest and it was worst, I had them reopen the case. After a week or 2, another text message saying it was closed, I had to call today to again reopen this. Nobody is helping us, they expect us to surrender, we pay on-time, no delays and in full yet we are getting crappy service. I even tried emailing customer support instead but all they do in every complaints that I send is reply with an automated or pre-formated response saying "we apologize for the inconvenience, rest assured we will escalate this case to higher heaven or something. Are we really supposed to be defeated like this? Pasensyahan nalang kase nagpaloko sa pldt? This is not right, pldt thinks we owe them for accepting us in their services. Sila nga raw ang #1 dsl provider so iniisip siguro nila d sila iiwan ng mga customers so kahit 5mbps account not a big deal for them. We are at lost at the moment, wala kaming alam na mapuntahan or mapag-complain. I don't even think may laban tayo sa malaking company nay an pag dating sa kasuhan pero hindi na tama to.

Jan 22, 2015

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