Playtika / unethical behaviour

Slotomania claim that there system using an RNG to pick winners yet it seems time and time again the same players win which hardly seems random to me. Likewise they have a Mega Bonus wheel that seems designed only to pay the maximum when they decide it should. They advertise as a FREE PLAY game but are, in effect a Casino that does not pay out real money. They push sales of Fake coins and boosters at you with pop up after pop up and, unless you buy, you can never win big on their games so how can that be random?

I once, somehow, won over 1 Trillion coins in a game but since then they have made it impossible for me to win much unless I am prepared to make a purchase. They set out to make players addicted to their pretend casino app by allowing players to win big a few times but gradually make it harder and harder unless they can buy. A real Casino could not do this but, by calling themselves a game they can get away with anything.

Nov 24, 2017

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