Playtikaslotomania app

D Nov 23, 2017

Please note: you do not care anything about your customers by not providing a way to give feedback directly from the app! My complaint to you is about the amount of credits that I just lost on your games. I just won 330 million and now I only have 100 million credits. This is not my fault! This was due to the poor, tight and fixed payouts on your awful slot machines that you try to decorate with really ugly symbols and characters in my opinion. You do that just to distract people from the high number of credits that they lose by playing games that don't win anything. I want to have 330 million credits in my slotomania account by tommorow. I pay good money for these credits and literally lose them all because of how horrible the payouts are on your rather silly games. This is wrong, what you do to people like me. And if I even do get a response to this the first thing you'll mention is that lost credits due not qualify for anything. And that you don't give refunds for anything. That is so wrong and disrespectful on your part. I may be a bit rude in with my feedback. But trust me I have a good reason to be mad! Fix my issue please. If not then you should really be disappointed in yourself for failing a paying customers requests. Thanks

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