K Nov 15, 2017 Review updated:

I bought platinum for the game warframe and I did receive the purchase. After a few days, I logged in to see that my account went negative balance because the seller chargebacked on their end and everyone who traded with them got their platinum removed and I lost $30 because of it. I also tried to contact their support and they banned me because I just said I was going to chargeback because I was scammed of $30. Do not use this company if you are going to buy platinum.

  • PlayerAuctions Team's Response · Nov 15, 2017

    Hello there, KC577,

    I'm sorry about what happened with your Platinum purchase. Unfortunately, we cannot cover for losses incurred by the game publisher; This is stated in our policy defined in the website. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. If you have further questions about this matter, please email [protected] so we can assist you.

    Best regards,
    PlayerAuctions Team


  • J
      Nov 18, 2017

    So basically Player auction condone this behavior by thieves and even harbor them. Basically, telling all the thieves to scam as many people as they want by selling platinum and do a chargeback because they are protected by the company policy. This is horrible. I lost 30 dollars plus another 50 to get the ban lifted from my account.

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  •   Nov 19, 2017

    @jc808 We absolutely detest scams, it's one of the things we prevent as a middleman service. However, chargebacks caused by the game company or publisher are absolute and beyond our control. As such, PlayerAuctions cannot cover for these instances. We're very sorry for your loss, jc808.

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