Planet Fitness / dirty garbage bin next to my home full of old garbage and rats mice

West New York, NJ, United States

The north bergen planet fitness on 64 street kennedy blvd has 2 separate parking lots which are always full of garbage. The employeesecond never ever clean it completely constantly leaving the large lit next to my home with garbage all around. They now place a, large metal garbage container bin next to my private property home. That bin it's always full with same old garage which never gets thrown out. It's full of rats and mice now coming to my home. We have small kids and pets. My tenants worried and upset too. They recorded it daily. It's a health issue. If the bin it's not removed we are going to mayor with a lawyer. We've been in this property for over 40 years. We've asked employees to move bin far from our property and said the manager doesn't care. We've called health inspector to monitor. We have cameras and we are too. I'm a tax payer long time resident of this property. His gym it's causing money and health problems. I will call newspapers and tv if I have to. That garbage bin must be moved away from the ptivste home it's next to it not safe healthy or correct.

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