Pick n Pay / systematic fraud at pnp

Cape Town, South Africa
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I would like to complain to you about a PnP store. It is the Store Parklands ([protected]) Cape Town. I'm pissed off about your pricing and how this store systematically cheats the customers. Yes, I call it fraud. I buy in this store 2-3 times a week. Two months ago I checked the slip after the purchase and I noticed that I paid for an article the regular price, although this article was on offer. At first, I thought it was an accident. But the next purchase I had paid for 2 items too much. From this point, I checked the prices of the items I wanted to buy. At the checkout, a quite different price was displayed. From 10 items, 4 are wrongly awarded. I spoke to the manager and he then gave me the difference. The whole thing has happened 5 times in 3 weeks. Every time I hear an excuse from the manager and get my money back. Here are just a few examples: Ice cream: the price tag was 39 Rand. At the checkout, I should pay 69 Rand. Sour cream on offer for 24 Rand, at the checkout I paid 39 Rand. Today I bought an electric blanket. The price tag was 169 Rand. I paid 249 Rand. That's almost 100 Rand more. If I had not been careful, I would have paid up to three hundred RAND. A gentleman who stood at the counter behind me also complained because he paid too much. To me is that fraud. Every time I talk to the manager, I hear an excuse. But it does not change. Because the manager does not care at all. I believe this in this store more than 30% of the items have a wrong price tag. I do not want to know how many people do not control this and therefore pay more. Since I have approached the manager several times and he is not doing anything, I will publish this letter on the Internet and draw the attention to the fact that PnP systematically deceives your customers. Actually, you would have to reimburse PnP an ad for fraud. I am angry and will only go to Checkers next time. It is time to warn customers against this fraud. You steal your money from your customers. That's needs to be stopped.


Jun 09, 2017

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