Pick n Payservice - pick 'n pay wonderboom junction

On Sunday 02 December I visited the above store and wanted to purchase amongst other things, marrow bones. The butchery did not have the bones but assured me that if I came on Monday afternoon I will receive my order. The bones had to be cut horizontally for a specific purpose - not the normal diagonal cut. The gentleman at the butchery said that I could come anytime from after work until 20h00 as they will only close then.

On Monday afternoon I arrived at the store just before 17h00 and went to the butchery to find it deserted and cleaned. That in itself did not upset me as I thought that if I could find the store manager, he / she would be able to assist. I spent some time looking for a Store manager with no success - there was also no one in the managers' office. I could also not find staff members on the floor to ask.

I went to the lady who was at the cheese deli and asked her if she could locate the butcher. Her name was Priscilla. She looked in the butchery - and in other "private" area' and could not locate anyone from the butchery.

I then asked her to locate the store manager.

She went to the manager's office to "page" the manager with no result. She then enquired from staff in the front of the shop and located the manager - a lady - her name is Nxele (Not sure of the spelling) and she was busy paying for her groceries at a dedicated staff till. Priscilla spoke to her indicating that I have a problem. The store manager never once addressed me or my problem - she instructed Priscilla to go and look outside and "at the back" which Priscilla dually did while I stood and waited - and the store manager completed her shopping.

Priscilla came back to say that she could not locate anyone. I then asked the store manager - what time her shift ends - and she very bluntly answered that "I am off duty" - that could have been at about 17h20. I then asked to speak to the manager that is relieving her and once again she instructed Priscilla to do something - I did not understand her language.

I then approached a male staff member (I did not get his name) and asked him if he could locate the store manager and he walked straight up to the same lady (Nxele) who was at that point having her purchases checked at the exit. I stopped him and very sarcastically told him that she is apparently NOT the manager as she is off duty - he was extremely surprised.

Priscilla could locate no one as previously instructed by Nxele and came to apologise. Nxele, probably reading my body language by then, hesitantly decided to assist. With very little effort she found the marrow bones but they were not cut properly - which was by then not the problem at all - the butcher could have misunderstood me. By then an hour had passed and I left the store and left the marrow bones at the butchery.

She (Nxele) then came after me to apologise and ask for my name and telephone number to report to the "regional manager"!! What would she report? That there was no one willing go assist? I doubt it.

If the manager deserts the store, then the other employees are surely free to do the same!

I commend Priscilla for her efforts to find help but unfortunately cannot say the same of the store manager - an appointment that she does not deserve!

Early on Tuesday morning a gentleman (Geoff) from the butchery phoned me and apologised for the inconvenience and offered to deliver the items for me, which was not practical but appreciated. I met Geoff in the store after work on Tuesday and collected the order.

I once again want to specify that Priscilla was more than willing to help - she deserves recognition.

The issue was not that the bones were not cut properly - misunderstandings can take place and with the right attitude can easily be forgiven - even if one travels especially for that purpose at an expense.

What is not acceptable is that the store manager is not prepared to address the client, offering the excuse that she is OFF DUTY while all the staff are of the opinion that she is on duty. It is a negative blotch for Pick n Pay and a very bad example to her subordinates.

I look forward to your response.

Kind regards,

Dec 07, 2018

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