Pick n Paypnp online delivery - delivered 2 broken bottles of liquor with no visible intention to correct

I have ordered and paid for a case of JC Le Roux sparkling wine and a case of Russian Bear Vodka. Order was placed on 24 Nov and delivery requested for Monday 26 Nov at 15:00.

Delivery was late - at 18:20. Furthermore, when the container with the sparkling wine was opened, I noticed that a bottle was broken. I removed the bottles from the container and left the glass shards in the container.
When the container with the vodka was opened, similarly a bottle was broken.

I updated the delivery note and handed it back to the delivery person. This was 26 Nov at 18:45.

The next morning, Tuesday 27 Nov, I sent an e-Mail to the customer care line, expecting a response within reasonable time. I also called the customer care centre on Tuesday morning and was told that they will send me an e-Mail with details to get a refund. Since then, I have sent several e-mails to the customer care centre (Daily because I have not received any response from them). On Wednesday and Thursday, I have called the Online Contact number and the Customer care centre. They told me that I must wait indefinitely as they cannot/will not assist me.

It has been 5 days since I first reported the matter. I have paid them and do expect them to replace or refund the order.

I have also noted that there are several complaints against PnP and that they are not responding to the HelloPeter complaints against them .
I will never shop with PnP again.

Nov 30, 2018

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