Pick n Payfalse advertising and bad service

N Nov 28, 2017

I am very much disappointed on the latest service I received on Saturday at Pick n Pay East rand mall.

I had gone because I was looking for platters to order, I then saw this link with the heading "order Form - Pick n Pay" of which I thought would be useful for me since I wanted to order platters. I then went to the store on Saturday 25 November 2017 with the aim of placing orders for 3x platters for my son's upcoming birthday on Saturday 02 Dec 2017. When I got to the store the lady at the Delhi showed me a pamphlet with platters and prices that are completely different to the ones I saw on the pick n pay website-luckily I had the pamphlet with me, I then showed her and asked how come the prices are different, she then excused herself and said she was going to her manager.

When the manager arrived (I did'nt take the name, however it is an Indian gentleman), I explained the whole story to him and showed him my pamphlet compared to the ones that was in store-he said that the prices that are valid are the ones at the store and that the ones I have are not valid because the pamphlet I had was last updated 2016??? So like who's fault is that mine or yours and you internal IT department???

The manager then asked when did I get this pamphlet, I told him I had printed it out about 2-3 weeks back, he then said "oh yah so that is the problem, our prices change and the ones you have were last updated in 2016, however if the prices are still like that on the website, then I will have to give you the platters at those prices you saw on the net". I then immediately went onto he pick n pay website and the same form that I had with me was still on the website, I then downloaded the form and showed him (which still had the same prices as the ones I have), he now responded by saying " Unfortunately the prices that are on the store are the ones we use, we cannot use those that you have because they were last updated 2016", so in a way he contradicted himself because he had said you guys were going to honour the prices that are on the website and then a minute later it is a different story.

I have attached the order that is on the website EVEN NOW and which is the one that I have as well on my side and have provided the website that I downloaded it from as per below screenshot. I believe that pick n pay is using false advertising with this, because if these are old prices, then why are they still uploaded on the website, that is an internal problem that pick n pay needs to sort out with it's IT department (me as a consumer have got nothing to do with that) my duty is to go onto the website and buy not to look at "last updated".

I would really appreciate it if pick n pay were to look into my query and resolve because I still need these platters at those prices that I saw them on website. I have also provided you with the Consumer Protection Act which was on you website and my rights as a consumer of which were not followed by pick n pay staff.

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