Pick n Pay / extremely bad service, rude cashiers

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On Saturday the 29th April 2017 around 19h30 pm, I went to the Pick n Pay Convenient Store located at the BP Garage in Tembisa next to Mehlareng Stadium.

I nicely asked Patrick (The Manager) if I can withdraw some money from the cashiers so that I don't stand in the queue unnccesarry he said yes you can I will ask the cashier to get you the cash you need and so he did.

The most rude &ugliest cashiers I have ever seen (Nomsa & Nhlanhla) the two ladies in that store. They agreed to assist me, said I must wait a bit on the side and so I did patiently so.

About 10 mins later another Pick n pay employee came to ask what I am waiting for, I explained, when he asked the cashier "She loudly and rudely denied that she said I can wait. Her exact words" Who said she must wait there, where does she think I am going to get the money from, she is going to wait there there whole night I don't have time for that "

I was not angry because she didn't have the money I was angry because they agreed to help me and then treated me like I am stupid and trashy"

I know people take advantage with customer service in the Township but I can't stand rudeness and extremely disgusting. Pick n Pay please take your cashier for a customer service training. This two ladies needs to go work in the fridges or somewhere very far from the customers. Soo pissed!!!

May 2, 2017

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