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I bought the Nestle Materna Supplement at Pick n Pay and upon taking them I realized they were expired. I returned it to the store and spoke to one of the Managers who was very helpful. Upon asking one of the staff members to take the expired boxes of the shelf she advised him that they were laying at the front counter for a very long time. He refunded my money and I advised him that I was pregnant within my first trimester. He advised me to see a doctor which I did and had to take a day off from work. I paid for the doctors visit and the scan. I received a call from the customer service department and they never advised what the procedure was. They advised that they would collect my invoices for my medical bills. I was told that I would receive feedback from them which I never did. I sent them an email which I was very frustrated and advised that I would consult my attorney as they never advised what the procedure is that I should follow. I then received the following email from their legal department:
Dear Ms Talmarkes

Your email below refers.

I have been fully appraised of the incident regarding the expired vitamins purchased from our store. We have looked into the matter internally.
Whilst vitamins loose potency over time they are not dangerous to consume once expired. We not however advocate that customers consume expired vitamins.

I believe that you are expecting a baby and, as such, have gone for scans and tests. We are very glad to hear that you and your baby are in good health.
As such, Pick n Pay has agreed to settle your medical costs in this regard. Please note that this is a once off cost we will be covering. We will not be covering your petrol costs as well as your time off work.

If you wish to take this matter further, you are more than welcome to do so. Pick n Pay reserves its rights accordingly.

Kind regards,

I cannot fathom why I would receive a response like this as no where in my correspondence have I made any sort of claims apart from them telling me they would cover my bills. I cannot see why I had to take a day off and give out petrol costs all on my account if I did not have to go to the doctor because of the expired product. I completely understand that I cannot die of expired vitamins but my baby relies on it and I was just acting as a concerned mother would. I am very disappointed as I am a loyal Pick n Pay customer for years and to be treated this insensitively is horrible.

To date I have not received the money for the medical bills.


  •   Jul 20, 2016

    You didn't actually have to visit your doctor, per se. You could have called, told them what you had taken and what the expiration date was and I am betting they would have told you everything was fine and to just not take the pills anymore. BTW: if you are eating healthy, your baby is not relying" on the pills, they are relying on the nutrients from your food. I think it generous of them to pay for the doctor visit. After all, you had some fault in this as you should always check expiration dates.

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      Jul 20, 2016

    I do appreciate your useful comment. But like I said I am a concerned mother who acted on instinct. I do however suffer from chronic anemia so clearly I alone am not getting enough "nutrients" from the food I eat let alone my baby, so clearly I rely on the "pills". And the lack of potency could however have a negative effect as I am not getting the dose that I am suppose to get. I eat healthy, exercise regularly do everything by the book for my child so who are you to judge the nature or sensitivity of the situation.And i dont not see how I am to be blamed for not checking the expiry dates I did not purchase them from a back door garage store.

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  •   Jul 20, 2016

    Expired vitamins, like nearly every drug, do not become toxic after the date stamped on them. They just begin to lose their effectiveness, at a rate of 10% per year. In reality, you could take expired drugs until the bottle is empty and not suffer any ill effects other than having to double your dose. This information is available online.

    As for not getting your dosage, vitamins are not narcotics.

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