Pick n Pay / employees attitude towards clients

Sedgefield, South Africa

This complaint is at the sedgefield pick and pay, not knysna.

I purchased a potato peeler on thursday 12 january but told the till operator to throw away the slip as I least expected it not to work, well, it did not work so I took it back on friday 13 january only to be treated like a piece of rubbish by the store manager.
I spoke to the lady behind the counter about the peeler who then called a lady floor manager who then called the store manager (Michael ma... Something or other, he couldn't even write his name so that it was readable. )
He did not have the courtesy of greeting us or even talk to us about the issue, he totally ignored us and spoke to the lady at the till in her language and then stood there for a short while, not saying or doing anything, just showing his power as the manager and then walked away, she then gave back my money (R41.00). I went over to the manager (Michael ma... ) and asked him to write his name down, well, the michael part you can read but the surname is impossible, if there is a way that I can scan his name in and send it to you, I will.
Unfortunately pick and pay in sedgefield has had a brand name change from spar but it is still the same owners who have done absolutely nothing about the way their staff have been trained to deal with the public, who, indirectly pay all of their salaries, whether on the till or up to management or even ownership.
It is a privately owned store but unfortunately it is still pick n pay's name brand and this kind of attitude makes me want to rather deal with an opposition super market.
When the store was spar, the service was disgusting, the produce was mostly taken out of the cooler room thus ending up soggy and thrown away after a day or so such as tomatoes and cucumbers etc and now with the name brand change, nothing has changed.
The best thing that could happen in sedgefield, is that a checkers would open up here, I would definitely support them rather.
Regards, brian cooper

Pick n Pay

Jan 13, 2017

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