Pick n Pay / dishonorable online shopping (black friday)

Johannesburg, ZA

I recently placed an online shopping order ( Black Friday special around 03:30am). The online order confirmation was sent to me via email shortly after order was placed serving as confirmation of items and quantities ordered . I subsequently received the incorrect order via delivery. The quantity of item ( HTH Floater, 1.6kg) and the Ariel liquid was not supplied at all.
I called both the Mulbarton pnp store from which order was dispatched and the customer care for online shopping .
It is insisted upon that only 5 x hth floater was ordered whereas I ordered 15 x hth floaters as shown on online order confirmation.
The online call Centre was of no help as no responsibility was taken for a mistake on Pick n pay side, the consultant then started looking for excuses as to why the order was not delivered correctly, such as it was a special so quantity was limited( in fact false as nothing was stated on website about limit in quantity etc) or because my delivery date was Monday other customers who chose Saturday as delivery received stock etc. This is totally unacceptable !
I request that my order be honored as it was placed and All items be delivered to me ASAP. The Black Friday specials should not be offered online if Pick n pay cannot meet the obligations of honoring a customer's Order. Please note that in particular Pick n pay Mulbarton frequently doesn't honour online orders and therefore should not offer the service if they are not willing to.

Pick n Pay

Nov 27, 2017

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