Pick n Paycash back policy at scott street branch, scottburgh, kzn

Greetings. I received what I perceive to be poor service at the above named store today. I asked for R600 cashback when I went to pay at a till and was nonchalantly told by the cashier that she had only just started on her till and didn't have cash to give me. I then asked for cash to be brought to me as is the standard procedure at other Pick n Pay stores which are very accommodating of customers. I was told that I had to cancel my purchases and move to another till if I wanted the cash. This was confirmed by two employees in a supervisory position.
None of the three offered any apology or explanation for their store's policy which does not match up with other Pick n Pay stores. None were even bothered when I said I would complain to Pick n Pay head office about the poor service delivery. In fact the cashier was so utterly nonchalant and this is such a poor reflection of your brand.

Other stores do not provide cash from other tills but they make every effort to get the cash from their offices. Why can't this store do the same?

As cash back is offered as a service of your stores and is one of the drawcards of your stores, I believe that all stores should make every effort to satisfy the customer.
As a principle of the matter, customers should not be forced to cancel purchases and made to move to other tills.

In protest, I cancelled the transaction and made my purchases and received my cash back with zero fuss at the Checkers nearby.

I would like you to clarify Pick n Pays policy regarding cash back.

Nov 27, 2018

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