Pick N Pay- Canal Walk / bad attitude rude arrogant managers

South Africa

Hi guys! Get what? This is the joke of the century! If you want to be treated like dogs then visit the canal walk store! Beware marwaan the store manager might ban you or say you not welcome in the store! You don't have rights in that store! That's what happened to me! Rude and unprofessional! Story goes like this: wednesday 13 march at 2pm I visited the canal walk store, I came across a usn fat burner combo with a paper barcode r329 but when I went to till 15, it scanned r299. I immediately took the cashier at till 15 to the exact corresponding barcode as dilwinaaz previously said that the cashier must remove the barcode! Then another pick n pay employer rudely pulled out the barcode and squashed it in front of me the customer! Is that ethics? Imagine that's what canal walk employees does rude, no ethics. Dilwinaaz was called who offered no help! She as a manager made a statement that I never buy from pick n pay and I make use of scanright!

Please also check camera footage for monday 11 march where I bought big block bonnita cheese and johnsson uniforms which came to r200 odd rands and I paid with my gold amex card and on tuesday 12 march 2013 at 4pm where I purchased pyrex bowls and few other item for r488 (Card) and thereafter r80 cash! To make that statement is demeaning and I demand action! What kind of manager is that to make such harsh cold statements? Its pick n pay scamright policy! Thursday I visited the canal walk store to buy chicken breasts and before I could buy the breasts I was called to marwaan office who said i'm no longer welcome in the store! I said cool!

End of the day its us the customers that pays this guys salary and even if you lose 1 customer that's not good - we the customers are the lifeblood of pick n pay canal walk! So guys if you want to be insulted and treated like crap then please visit the canal walk store!
You too might be banned or not welcome for standing up for your rights!
The saying goes if you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen! Marwaan if your store can't handle the scamright policy remove it! Scamright states at the time of purchase not after the purchase! Gulwinaaz being cs manager doesn't understand simple english and to be rude and arrogant is the cherry on the top! How can she be a manager who doesn't understand lower grade english and to be rude is the pits!

Guys let's create public awareness, end of the day we not dogs, we to have our consumer rights so if pick n pay doesn't want our business, don't value us! Then why support canal walk!

Remember you too might be banned or not welcome in the store! Guys there's other big retailers so why go somewhere were u not welcome! Let's enjoy shopping elsewhere where there's no rude arrogant managers!

Mar 14, 2013

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