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I don't know if this is going to reach in right hands or not. I am writing this as a disappointed Customer of Philips.

I work in Wipro Technologies, Bangalore. I and my roomate purhased a DVD player on 01/07/2007. It was working absolutely fine till the 6th of October, 2007. The DVD was unable to operate with the remote, As the DVD is in warranty we took it to the service centre at RMS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. # 949, 39th Cross, 24th Main 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore - 560041. As per the Invoice that we received the Promise Date to receive the DVD was 19th October, 2007. I called up the service center on the given Nos. and asked the status of my DVD via the token no. 63436 on the Invoice. I received a reply that I could come and collect the DVD on Tuesday the 23rd as per the technician the front panel had to be replaced and it has been ordered by the service center earlier. So I with my room mate went to the service center on Tuesday to collect the DVD player but the person incharge said that it was not yet ready and the front panel has not yet arrived, so I asked him when should I receive the DVD player as the promise date has already expired. In return their was a rude reply that, "due to the festivals their was a delay, and if you are in such hurry you can take the DVD player to the other service center in Jayanagar which had open shortly in the 6th Block for the same RMS technologies." I was surprised to know that a Customer is asked to take it to the other service center, which is strange.

This indicates that the service center is a disgrace for customers of Philips, and this all makes us feel that we should not purchase any Philips products due to such ignorance of time and customer service for the customers of Philips. In this way if I spread the news amomg my friends and colleagues, I suppose a person would think many a times when purchasing a Philips product.

I have never experinced such poor customer service earlier with any products that I own at my home.

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  • Pa
      Dec 04, 2008

    I've been having problems getting help from Customer care office (PHILIPS in Poland) . About one year ago I bought a vacuum cleaner FC8207 and for few months I can't get ANY information where to order accessories from (that is Bag needed to be replaced every 6 moths and HEPA filters) I want to do a simple thing: order those things online - since I can't drive and I have difficulties traveling (I'm partly physically disabled) I need to have somebody to help me order all the accessories I need so my housekeeper can do her work. My case is being ignored by Polish customer care office.

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  • Ka
      Jul 10, 2009

    I purchaged an steam iron GC 8220 on 16/8/ june 09 problem occured.all the water pures out of the soleplate and leaks of water are observed under the water tank when i pull
    it out.I took it to the authorised service of my area and after a week it was fixed. after using it twice again the same problem occured. I took it again to be fixed and I was told nothing
    was wrong with it. I used it again and after 2 hours use the same problem again. I have now taken it to the authorised philips service who would now take it to the company
    itself to check. How long time and how many times shall I take it to be fixed? A fter all
    I' m still in the 2 years guarantee period and since I still have problems that cant be solved
    I expect its replacement.

    Katerina Papaspiropoulou

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