PG Glasspoor service in replacement of car window

On Saturday, 29 August, my car was broken into and the rear side window smashed. I tried to call the PG Glass branch in Centurion, but they did not answer their phone. Then I called the national 24 hour helpline, where I talked to a gentleman called William. He was very friendly and professional and told me that the glass had been ordered and that I had to go to the Centurion branch on Monday at 08:00 to have it replaced. The reference number was 1288817. When I arrived at the Centurion branch at 07:45 on Monday, the gentleman who helped me assured me that everything was in order and that I could fetch my car after four hours. At 12:00 I returned to the branch, where I was told that the window has not been repaired, because they did not have the glass. The same gentleman said that it was a waste of time to call the help line, because they were inefficient. He promised that the glass would arrive at 13:00. After many excuses and promises that the glass would be there in a few minutes, it finally arrived at 15:00 and the car was ready at 15:30. Nobody deemed it necessary to apologise for the fact that it took them 7 12 hours instead of the promised 4.


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