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Pfizer / Tetracycline


tetracycline staining of the teeth

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Anyone who has stained gray teeth from the use of Tetracycline as a kid, The main drug company who sold tetracycline back in the 60's and 70's was Pfizer.

They claim that they care about you and your health, If they do so care, Than they need to be man and woman enough to stand up and take blame and fix our teeth, It was us who had to walk around with ugly gray teeth so they could continue to push the sell of this drug knowing the damage it was doing.

It was us who had to go to school and face our class mates who made fun of our ugly gray teeth, It was us who wasn't excited to get up and go to school because of such laughter, It was us who now as adults have to put our hands over our face when we smile so no one will notice, It is us who have to explain to our children why our teeth is gray and no its not from not brushing, Its because a billion dollar business who makes drugs that are regulated by the government and wrote out by the doctors, The billion dollar drug company who claims they care so much about us.

Yes that is who the blame is on, Shame on you Pfizer for caring so much.

For caring so much that you would spends millions of dollars to fight the people who you caused damage to instead of paying out less to fix the problem. Yes the so caring drug maker who pushed the doctors and paid the doctor to write on a little piece of paper the word Tetracycline so they could take it to the pharmacy and get it filled.

Knowing from what the doctors told you about the damage to the teeth, Lets ignore that like it was never said. I say to anyone out there young and old if you have stained teeth damage from Tetracycline.

Please, Please send me an email to sunshine_consumer@bigstring.com

The more emails I get the better, Please get the word out if you know anyone who's teeth were damaged as stained gray from the use of Teracycline please give them my email and tell them to send me there first and last name, address and contact phone number.

Im going to take all the names etc and file a former complaint with Pfizer, And Im going to talk to a lawyer about filing a class action lawsuit against them.

Its not right, And we know its not right. So its time we stand up for what is right and fight back, If we have to boycott Pfizer than we shall do so, If your doctor gives you a drug, Find out if its made by Pfizer if so make him write you one that is made by a different drug maker.

Help me help you. This is American and its high time we start standing up as one. This country has went to ###, Or china I shall say, And its time when bring America back to its home.

Its time we stop sending jobs over sea's. Bring the jobs and troops home, Who care's that china's economy is booming, Our's was booming in the 90's until someone sold us out to china, No wonder there economy is booming.

Our government has let people from other countries come in here and buy us out, The sad thing is they gave them our tax dollars to start there business. I cannot remember the last time a true American was given money to start a business, Can you ? Never.

If our government would stop the corporations from sending our jobs oversea's we would not be in the shape we are in today. There is no place in america for greedy owners, We forgot to ship them oversea's.

Our government regulates drug makers, Why don't they step in and do something about damage thats related to drugs ? One reason that are just as responsible as the makers.

Please let me hear from you, This will not be the only website that I post on. I will make sure this is seen all over google, and other search engines. We shall not stop at no. Or it happen so long ago, That is a poor excuse, And we america's are tired of the excuses. Right. Im sure alot of people have spend sometime and effort in this matter, And you may have given up. But don't.

I saw a posting from a lawyer who laughed at a person who posted an add concerning Tetracycline and stained teeth, he said good luck. Shows how some not all lawyers don't care either. But it you flash money at them they seem to care alot than.

God Bless.
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N  6th of Dec, 2008 by    0 Votes

Pfizer/viagra - Language/influence
United States

Viagra and any other commercial using words such as erictile disfunction is with out a doubt unappropriate on tv for our childrn to hear and see. How do you explain to a young child what erectile disfuction is? Why should we have to? Children from age 4 and up hear much more on tv than any of us ever heard growing up. We should be more responcable in how the media and or tv is allowed to expose these thing to our youth. Yes we can block unappropriate shows from the innecent minds of children but we have no way to block the commercials. This is as bad as the 800 numbers back in the 80's and 90's that we all had to hear. How do we correct this problem and get back moral tv?
D  4th of Jan, 2009 by    0 Votes
Your kids don't even know what Erectile Dysfunction means, or what part of the body it affects. There's no problem.
Plus, they don't even air on kids channels.

Have you tried turning the TV off or changing the channel when the commercial airs?
D  1st of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
If my son asked me what erectile dysfunction was, I'd tell him its a problem some people have where their penis doesn't work correctly. I'm sure he wouldn't die of knowing it. They don't go into graphic detail. Lighten up its just a body part. Most men have one.
N  3rd of Apr, 2009 by    0 Votes
Grow the frig up dude! and "Viva Viagra!" Lmao thats one i laugh at.
A  5th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I too have suffered from the embarassment and lack of confidence my whole life due to my "tetra-teeth". Why should we have to spend thousands of dollars to mask our unsightly smiles? It's not fair that I hate my picture taken or don't smile around strangers. My sister got a nice white smile for FREE because of her many years of meth use, but I, a hard working tax payer has to pay for cosmetic dentistry to get a white smile. I have done the expensive professional whitening, over the counter strips, baking soda, peroxide, painted my teeth with white nail polish, I even used Soft Scrub once when I was a kid! I think Pfizer should consider the amount of money we "tetra-teeth" have spent on trying to have a pretty smile. Thanks Niki Asche Eagle Grove, IOWA
A  22nd of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I feel very strongly about this complaint as my teeth were very, very stained to the point that I was so self-concious of the way I looked. I am a female and as you know being a young teenager and looking that way can damage your self esteme. I have been out of school for quite some time. My mother, as a graduation gift, did veneers on the front six teeth but that didn't help the rest of them and they had to be replaced in 6-7 years. I am now 41 years old and have had to take care of this problem my self. I now have a mouth full of crowns and as you know they are not cheep. Due to this medication I have $10, 000 worth of crowns in my mouth...do I think people need to be reimbursed...yes I do...there are some people that are not as fortunate as I was to be able to pay for it a little at a time. But they need the compensation to be able to fix this problem...its not fair at all.
A  3rd of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
I wish that we could do something to make this company pay for our misery. I am 43 and have dealt with my dicolored teeth all my life. I have a 9 year old daugther that gets asked "why does your mom's teeth look like that?" It is embarrassing for me and her. I can't afford to get veneers. I had bonding put on my teeth when I was a teenager but they are old and cracked and look worst now than before. I would give anything to have a beautiful smile!
N  3rd of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes

Pfizer Us. Viagra - Oder
Grace Cruz
111 West Banalo Court
United States
Phone: 671-929-9926

Where is my order (2) for Viagra +Cialis
Accourding to my bank a charge of $93.90 on May 15, 2010 and another $93.90 on May 20, 2010 transaction occured and taken by
THEBEAUTYHEALTH. So were are my orders. To this date 6/04/10 I have not heard or received any type of communication from your company, if you cannot fill my orders then refund my MONEY, that is a total of $187.80.

SOMEONE CALL ME AT 671-929-9926, OR E-MAIL ME AT cruzgrace0160@yahoo.com
A  23rd of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
I agree. I also am a female age 48. My teeth are stained 1/2 way up with a yellowish gray color. I've tried the whitening products also to no avail. A dentist finally told me not to bother, the stain wasn't coming off. It was caused by the use of tetracycline, that was prescribed to me as a child. Its a real bummer. Tena.missouri
A  15th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
tetracycline has ruined my liver causing a metabolism disorder, which was killing me, luckily metformin has worked for me & my liver counts are normal, but for only as long as the metformin works.if it stops working my death sentence is back .this was pointed out by my solicitor who is handling my medical negligence case.i was prescribed tetracycline for nearly 20 yrs thinking my doctor was looking after me, i trusted he was only doing good, not knowing he was slowly killing me.IF ANYONE HAS BEEN AFFECTED THE SAME, PLEASE CONTACT ME !
A  26th of Sep, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I wish with all my heart I could have had white teeth! I am 53 years old, and I have NEVER been proud of my teeth due to being prescribed and administered tetracycline as a child for upper respiratory problems and tonsillitus.
I have suffered in personal relationships throughout my life because of being perceived as an unhappy person, due to the fact I have learned not to smile. I can certainly relate to all the comments here especially to the embarrassment this causes in social settings. I have also undergone extensive proceedures without success to attempt to have whiter teeth.
I agree that Pfizer SHOULD care but sadly I believe they don't. My thoughts and prayers are with you all as I read your comments and felt your pain. I have lived with this my whole life as well, and it is not pleasant to have to explain to people.
I have no expectation of ever getting any monetary settlement from Pfizer to correct my ruined teeth. So, perhaps they did distribute the drug that may have saved my life as a child. I was unable to defend myself against them then, and I still feel the inability to make them pay me for the damages they caused me.
I do however expect that one day I will look in the mirror at myself and smile when I get my dentures if I live that long.
Bless you all for sharing your comments. I join you in your efforts to a solution!
Hugh Floyd
A  2nd of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
It has ruined my life as well. 46 years old, never married, no children, i never smile, repeatedly depressed and full of self hatred. I wasn't sure who the company was that was responsible for this back in the 60's and 70's. If it wouldn't hurt so many people, I would have killed myself years ago.
A  10th of Nov, 2010 by    -1 Votes
Pfizer needs to pay - I have always hated my smile, was teased relentlessly in school and out of school, to this day people still ask even my own son :( - there should have been some type of compensation for us lab rats. And when I took it back in the late 60's the side effects were not listed on the product like they are today.. my parents had not idea.. they spent a fortune on my teeth to no avail.
N  13th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
I too was on Tetracycline as a kid due to lots of Allergies and sickness. The last school photo I smile in was 3rd grade and my teeth were already grey by then... In addition to making them grey my Dentist says it also made them weak.
I just added up my Dental costs, since 2002 I've had $11, 000 of work done... Now I'm having 8 upper teeth Veneered since the 25 year old bonding has deteriorated, that's going to cost around $8, 000. Then I'll have to work on building up the muscles in my face since I rarely smiled...
No idea how much I think I should be compensated for "Pain and Suffering"...
A  19th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
In the late 60s I was given the drug. Severe infection I was lucky enough to get heavy doses. Dentists have said they have never seen a case so bad. I have problems with softening. My parents paid for veneers when they first came out. Those fell out shortly. Nothing like being on a girls camping trip when they first came loose and people screaming when a couple fell into the sink while brushing my teeth. Had 6 caps when I was 16. Nothing like that lovely white patch in the front followed by complete blackness. While an adult I have not been able to afford all the costs with keeping up the caps, rupturing teeth, etc... It has been crazy and I am finally going to just seek out seeing how much it will be to just cut them out and get plates screwed in.

I have read where there were experiments in the late 50s and they were aware there could be issues but still had doctors push the drugs. The drug company profitted from our misery.

I have always wondered if anyone with anything else. I have had problems that did not seem common for my family like my hip wearing in my teens and having problems with it. Stuff like that. People only talk about teeth, liver and kidney issues. I just want fixed for the damage they aided and profitted from in providing this medicine.
A  20th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
I wanted to further my response in regard to the bone and degeration issue I brought up. According to what I do know we have darkness, or discoloration, of teeth and problems with the jaw bones due to the tetracycline binding the calcium and causing the weakness and discolortion. What if some of us have unusual problems with bones and such elsewhere. For me, I believe there may be some connection between the two. What if it took long to realize that this binding and lack of calcium absorbtion created an all over weakening of the bones that left enough deficiancy to allow some to have noticable problems as they get older but not linked as their skelletal body seems aged beyond their years.
I would like to hear from others in this regard. Trying to figure out if I am looking too far into this or if I am on the right path.
N  31st of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
People found me unfriendly because I trained myself not to smile. Not only were my teeth discolored, but also weakened. I suffered severe pain from toothaches. I had a full upper denture by the time I was 28. I have had a total lack of confidende and been made to feel second class and downright ugly. I cannot believe that people can sue for hot coffee from McDonalds and win; yet there has been no successful class action against the makers of tetracycline. I also have unexplained hip necrosis so I am also wondering about the validity of the above claim as well.
A  3rd of Jan, 2011 by    -1 Votes
I was exactly like all of you, shy, quiet, feared smiling and made fun of when I did smile. I HATED to smile. I was so embarrassed by my tetracycline stained teeth. I was born in 1969 and during the next years given the drug many times for tonsillitis. Then, they turned around and took out the tonsils. Thanks alot...LOL I am so humiliated by the stains. Have been my whole life and I cannot afford the veneers. I wish somebody could make them pay for what they caused us emotionally and have to fix our teeth no questions asked.
A  12th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
My heart goes out to all you fellow tetra victims, I was also born in 1969 and have what my dentist calls text book tetra staining, as I get older it looks even browner, a huge blow on my self confidence. My oral hygiene is impecable and I too have tried home bleaching etc but as you all know it has no effect other than making your gums sore. It would be wonderful if we could claim against the company, I know how much it has impacted negatively on my life and still does.
N  13th of Jan, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I also have had tetracycline staining on my teeth since childhood. I I think the company that created the problem for thousands of us now adults should pay for emotional pain and for clinical restoration. Folks if we pool our resources together we could embarrass them enough to make them pay. It is possible to file a class action lawsuit against them ourselves. I have done it with a hospital in Federal Court, so it is a option! If you choose not to be supportive, I will and can done it alone.

Thank You
Keith L.

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