PetSmartstop attacking moorestown store

Enuff is ENUFF. There's not NOT gonna be a movie "The Expendables 4 : The Bully Boss" (sorry movie buffs), there's not gonna be a grievance nor a petition filed on the behalf of the Moorestown employees and managers from September 2017 on. I know this because I was one of those people (employee) that was affected. Noone appreciates someone speaking up for those affected more than i but, let's get real for a sec. I walked out on my job, yes. Were my peers (including myself) verbally, over worked and mentally bullied, yes. Was the store manager the reason, yes. Please allow me to also state that I did (DID) call the phone number that is posted in the handbook and breakrooms in all stores for bullying. The first time I called I was disconnected (or hung up on), the second time I called I got a message stating that "the number I was trying to reach was out of service". After I couldn't reach anyone on the phone I snailed mailed a letter to corporate explaining my situation and the treatment I received at the store and why I walked out in the job I loved doing. I didn't hear anything, (ANYTHING) from them or anyone.

After leaving I learned a lot of my former coworkers also either quit, walked out or gotten fired because they didn't meet the store managers "expectations" I reckon. For those employees I befriended and enjoyed working with, I'm sorry. You are great hard working, pet caring, loving friends. You didn't deserve to be mistreated, if that was the case. I tried to help all of us (including myself) if only I could of gotten through to corporate. sorry. So, please STOP beating a dead horse and end this nonsense regarding the store. It's not helping...

Thank you goes out to those that helped me and gave me a great opportunity at the Moorestown PetSmart. You are all missed and I wish nothing but the best to all of those affected and still working at the store making pet parents happy. I miss you all. You're all a big part of my family.

Jul 29, 2018

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