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PetSmart / careless / neglectful service

1 Sarasota, FL, United States Review updated:

On May 11, I took my 1 1/2 year old Shih Tzu-Bischon mix in to the groomers at the local Petsmart where I have taken her many times before. I had never been overjoyed with the service that I have recieved there. Once I took her into get groomed and she came back to me completely shaved.
The point of my complaint however, is not the haircut itself. I am here to complain about the staff and service of everyone employed by Petsmart. I dropped Lola off at 8:30 in the morning so she would be done early enough for me to get to work later that afternoon. They told me she would be done at 11:30.
When I walked into the grooming side of the store my sister called me and told me that Petsmart had called her instead of me. We assumed that they were just calling to tell me that my dog was ready. That was not the case. I walked in to a women with a blank look on her face to tell me that my dog had been cut while getting groomed around her face.
They explained to me that she started licking the women who was grooming her and got in the way of the scissors and they cut her tongue. They informed me that they had taken her over to the vet that was located next door and he said she would be fine and it would just bleed for a while because it was on her tongue.
My dog was not fine. After they explained to me what happened they went into the back and got her. A few minuutes later my dog came out half groomed and bloody. They didnt make it seem like it was that big of a deal so I just assumed it was like they said.
After taking her into my car and calming down I looked a little closer at her tongue. Not only had the groomer cut her, they cut a triangle shaped chunk out of the tip of her tongue. Also, probably after this happened and my dog in pain she bit her own tongue which put a gash at the top of her tongue.
I was not happy with the information that I recieved from the groomers so I took the liberty of taking my dog to my personal vet. He saw her for two seconds and immediately put her under sedation and put stitches in both lacerations. I called the groomers, who seemed very skiddish when I was talking to them and asking details about who groomed her and all of that.
I also contacted the vet that (supposedly) saw her he told me that he didnt know about the scissors and was told she just bit her tongue, and that he did mention to the girls that he could put stitches into it and I should go speak to him when I picked her up. Needless to say they neglected to tell me this. After I spoke to them I called the manager himself to let him know what was going on and what I had to take my time out to do. I explained to him that I did not believe I should be held responsible for the vet bills that were about to pile on top of me. He told me that any bill I had he would take care of it.
Now, 3 days later I went down to Petsmart to give them the bills and to get the money back that I had to take out of my own pocket to pay for their mistake. I delt with the other manager that was working this morning and she was rude and short with me. She told me there was nothing they could do about it and I had to wait for corporate. While this may be the case, I did not like the way I was being treated.
I waited for the manager that I had spoken with when all of this happened to get in, to speak to him. When he called me he told me that same exact thing. While explaining to him that I am a college student with a minimum wage job that doesnt have the money to pay for unecessary damages such as this, he kept interrupting me and saying he understood. I will be getting to the bottom of this and I will be getting my money back. I wasn't even going to get into the time I had to miss off work while my dog was getting stitches. I will get into all of that if needed.
I am very disappointed with the staff and managment of Petsmart, they have lost my business and the business of people I have told this story to because they do not want this to happen to their pets, and I do not blame them at all.

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  • Kt
      27th of Oct, 2010
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    I think people who say "PETSMART" making an over-generalization about the company as as a WHOLE are IDIOTS. And I think you need to say MY HOMETOWN'S PetSmart, because not all PetSmarts are the same. Yours PetSmart sucks and you need to cite this in your complaint.

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