PetSmart / sick mice

My neice bought three mice (as pets) from petsmart and had them for two months when they displayed various symptoms (self mutilization of skin and eyes, eye discharge, and respiratory symptoms). these were her pets so, we contacted an exotic vet and made an appointment. the mice were treated for possible mite infestation and given antibiotics (baytril). the mice never reponded to the antibiotics and they never had mites to begin with. eventually they had to be euthanized. autopsies were performed and it showed that two had the sendai virus and one had sialodacryoadenitis, which are highly contagious diseases. petsmart buys from breeders who must not immunize thier colonies and the baby mice appear healthy for awhile until the dormant virus rears its ugly head and slowly but surely kills them. petsmart will buy from the lowest bidder and the health of the mice is not considered because most customers use them as feeders for snakes. my neice was devestated and we spendt $950 trying to get her pet mice well. these mice didn't stand a chance being that were virus infested and probably inbred. to those who buy feeders "be careful" because sick mice =sick snakes!!!

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