PetSmart / pet hotel mistreatment and over charging pet parents

Lone Tree, CO, United States Review updated:

The Pet Hotel is all about the money and is run by a Pet Hotel Manager and Asst Pet Hotel Manager that does not even walk the back rooms and stand around all day and they do not care that the dogs do not get to play all day because they are usually short workers and then they just pick the dogs that will get to play in day camp and leave the others in their rooms but yet charge the pet parents for a full day of day camp. Especially over the Holidays when they double load their capacity and still charge the dogs their day camp and they actually are just sitting in their rooms all day all week.
Worked there for roughly 8 months and I could not even look the pet parents in the eye anymore knowing all well that they were being charged for the full day or for the week and knowing that they were getting taken. Then the manager and assistant manager allowed the dogs to sit with poop in their rooms all day until the next shift came in and sometimes when I would come on the dogs would not even have water in their rooms. It is heart breaking to see people who really don't care about the dogs well being and that they are only there for the money and job TITLE. The dogs would end up with diarrhea from being stressed from not getting out of their rooms. The dogs that would come in and be tagged as individual walks would only get one walk a day because the day camps were full and there was no place to walk them and play with them. So they only would get out once a day if at all again because we were always short on staff so that the hotel would meet there quota's and the managers would get their bonus. It was sickening to me and I called corporate and nothing ever happened or changed. Please be aware that since I have left there have been 2 dogs that have died since then.

Apr 29, 2014
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  • Gl
      20th of Sep, 2017

    Unreal, I left my dog here and he has since passed. Reading your post confirms that my worse nightmare is true.

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