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PetSmart / wrongful dismissal

1 hyde gate park driveoakille, Ontario, Canada Review updated:
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Phone: 905-829-9999

I was injured on the job at petsmart. Received wsib for 2 claims. 1 doctor out of 3 said I could return to work so petsmart decided to follow the 1 doctors recommendation. When I didn't return to work with explanation and proof that I should still be off, they fired me... right in the middle of my wsib appeal.

Nice company to work eh? They will get theirs!!

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  • Fi
      8th of Aug, 2008
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    Suite these baster. I came from Petsmart as well, their Cancian divison is made up of whole bunch of jerks. They will fall flat on their face!

    Good to know you get out ...

  • Fi
      15th of Aug, 2008
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    You should write to Gobal & Mail. They will help you...

  • Pa
      1st of Oct, 2008
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    they are awful!!! i know you need to get a lawyer they need to be stopped or made to wake up!!!

  • An
      15th of Dec, 2009
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    I worked as a dog trainer there for 2 years and I left because I wanted to advance in my dog training career and I could not do that with them. I left on good terms... I came back to them when I had learned more and I was a better dog trainer. They said that they didn't have any position opens but would contact me when they did. I just found out that they hired a girl for the position I applied for that A) has no experience and B) she used to work for them and they had to fire her because she never showed up for work and when she did she didn't do her job!!! So they would rather have a person that knows nothing training your pets then an experienced trainer!! Don't be fooled by these con artists... They only care about your money not your pet!!! They hide behind charities while they take your money and run every little guy out of town!!! They are the Walmart of pet stores... Beware!!!

  • Xm
      13th of Dec, 2012
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    I am being terminated by PetSmart after 1 honest error in 6 years. I have had a high level of success each year with the company and while nothing was proven to be of major consequence I am still being terminated for violation of policy. I was not approached about this error for 3 months and am being termed the week before Christmas as I have seen happen to so many. I have run a #1 store in the company and was well on my way to a second #1 store for the second year in a row (after taking the store over ranked 25 store from the worst). I have been held off for a week and can not wait to see if they also with hold my bonus. They had this initial ambush conversation in a public area of the store, rather than behind closed doors in my office. They also expected me to remember a transaction I approved 3 months prior. I even requested the contact the customer that I had made happy (which is our end goal at all times) and ask them for details. They have not done so. I am being termed on "it just doesn't loOK good". I have consistently had high reviews and have initiated and developed tools for PetSmart hat have been used in our entire region to develop success with regards to customer service aspects. I know of no other manager that has had 2 years of "Circle of Excellence" status in 2 different stores in back to back years. My staff is now leaving the company and very disgruntled. I have spent the better part of the year working closely with my staff and assisting them with personal matters and developing their skills and forward growth, when I was specifically told on numerous occasions to terminate people sent to my store. Instead, I worked with them and corrected their short comings and have gotten them on the right path. To be termed for 1 mistake in regards to confusion and forgetting to follow up during a chaotic time, rather than being issued an action plan (write up), is just ridiculous. 6 years of dedication and loyalty for a company that just like a switch threw me under a bus. Completely unprofessional in the handling of the situation, and not even loOKed in the eye during the conversation by my boss. Merry Christmas to me and my family from PetSmart. They have gotten too big for their own good, and while they talk a big game about caring for associates and customers, in the end it is all about working for Nazi's and being endlessly micro-managed. It's OK to be sexually harassing people, threatening people, and giving raises to certain people for no real reason (which had all been approached) - as long as you are a minority. PetSmart fears minority retaliation and gives reverse discrimination a whole new meaning. I take responsibility for my mistake and would rather accept this decision than work for this company anymore. In the end, I dedicated myself to their mission and led by example. To be targeted for a minute error is just plain wrong.

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