PetSmart / manager was rude and not helpful.

59 south, just past 1960, Humble, TX, United States

I went to petsmart to rent a bissel carpet cleaner, I had called about before driving there, the manager wasn't familiar with the machine, had to get advice over the phone and didn't know what the additional tools were for and got angery when I asked if he could make another phone call and ask because I didn't want to rent tools I wouldn't be using.. he slamed the cabinet door houseing the carpet cleaners, walked off and didn't know any more when he came back.. he didn't even know how to fill out the paper work.. now if the store is going to rent capet cleaners, the manager should at least know how to fill out the papper work and know what the extra tools are for and why be rude to me?. I just asked what they were used for??? if I worked at a store renting a product, I would certainly know my product and how do fill out the papper work for it.. I left the store with out the carpet cleaner...

Jun 7, 2015

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