PetSmart / discrimination on dog

Queen Creek, AZ, United States
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On Friday September 22, 2017 my two dogs had a reservation to stay at the PetsHotel Boarding at the Rittenhouse location. My two dogs have stayed at a PetSmart before with no problem. When I called to make the reservation they pulled up my past paper work and very easily made my reservation. when i went to check my dogs in on Friday the 22nd the "manager" Courtney instantly gave me a lot of attitude and did not want my service. She was extremely rude and argued with me about my dogs shots being expired, but i handed her documentation to show that he received updated shots on Tuesday September 19th. After I pointed this out on the paperwork she then got more of an attitude and started talking about one of my dogs. She told me that since she believed my dog is a Pit mix he would be kept alone in a room away from his sibling and get play time alone. i understand this is a policy but my dog is a Mixed Breed with no specific breed as what he's mixed with. she then told me that PestSmart policy says that she can not take my word, she has to go based on what my Vet says. I again showed her the paper work from my Vet that shows my dog is only a mixed breed. My dog have never been specified as a Pit or mixed with any Pit. This lady refused to listen, and just because she thought he looked like a Pit. She had no documentation to prove it, she was going to leave my dog isolated. She completely discriminated against my dog because of what she wanted to believe he was. in my past experience there wasn't a problem with my dogs breed, but this rude lady refused my service for no reason. i was forced to cancel my trip because i had no where to leave my dog. this lady was rude and discriminated against my dog from the moment i walked in. it is wrong that someone so rude can be a manager of a Hotel where people are supposed to trust the caregivers their leaving their dogs with.

I have added a pictured of his updated shots that are good until 2020 and the fact that he is a Mixed Breed.

Sep 25, 2017

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