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I went to the Petsmart in Hampton VA Peninsula Town Center to ask about the cat diarrhea medicine. The female (in her 50s, tall, thin, very dignified, short hair) acted like I don't exist and pretended to be serving another customer (with her full heart) who is applying for some card or something. It obviously takes long and my question of "do you have diarrhea medicine" only needs a short and simple answer. After I tried to ask her this question, that is how she acted. I don't think anybody would feel good about this haughty and disrespectful attitude. On a second thought, I think that is exactly what she wants me to feel, being a nobody, completely neglected. She must have felt a lot of satisfaction. I think it is my duty to report this to the complaint line. I think she has the guts to treat a customer like this then she must have the guts to face the complaint. She looks like a sturdy (not in build but in attitude) and highly dignified woman.

Nov 15, 2016
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