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I have recently bought some fish from the petsmart on truxel and have had 3 fish die in two days from petsmart, in which I have fish in my tank that have been there for 3-5 years and they are fine. I didnt buy them from petsmart. I am very dissapointed in petsmart. The last time I went there to buy fish the employee was putting his hand in the tank to mess with the fish and catch frogs. Therefor I will not be buying anymore fish from petsmart. The guy was also rude and told us that he didnt know anything about the fish and that nobody on shift did. They were very un knowledgeable, I have never been this dissatisfied with a store before. I used to spend several hundred dollars there a month on fish dogs and so on but will no longer be going to the petsmart on truxel and probably no petsmart period.

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  • Cr
      Jun 19, 2011

    Are you over it yet? Hang in there Sunshine You will find in the Game of Life that you will have many more things in life to be dissatisfied & disappointed about & They will All be alot bigger than 3 dead fish.If you can ever figure out where you bought the fish from maybe you can take them back-Unless you already gave them a Royal Funeral down the old Porcelain Throne?Gee, did you ever wonder where that hand was before it went into the fish tank? & Why did you go back & buy fish there after seeing that?

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  • Cr
      Jun 19, 2011

    Are you over it yet? Did you spend more in gas to return the dead fish to the store where you bought them then you did on the fish Or, Did you just give them the Old Royal Flush?

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