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• On November 18, 2016, I entered the automatic car wash of Petro Canada and placed my car in neutral - as I understand is always the procedure; (in the hundreds of car washes I’ve had over the past 26 years of having my driver’s license, I’ve never experienced a problem before).
• The conveyor belt was not pulling my car forward and yet, I saw the wash had begun. I figured I needed to drive a little further into the wash, which I did and placed my car back in neutral. The rotating cloths remained in place at the side of my car for an unusual amount of time and the water jets didn`t come on.
• At the end of the wash, the conveyor belt pulled my car slightly outside of the wash so the front of my car was sticking out. I looked up to the dryer which was not turning on and during that short time, the car wash overhead door came down on to the hood of my car.
• I had to reverse since the overhead door did not lift up. It continued to shut thereby scraping down the front of my car, causing damage (scratches on the hood, and missing paint on the front bumper).
• After a few minutes of being stuck inside the car wash with the overhead door shut, the gas station attendant (Manager, Rose) opened the car wash door and I drove out and parked at the station. My car still had soap on it.
• I went in to report the incident which was documented by Rose. She aggressively said that when driver`s put their car in drive, it affects the functionality of the wash, which means, this has happened before more than once to other drivers.
• I was later instructed to send my car insurance information to an office in Montreal. I spoke with Rafael [protected]) who said that Petro Canada is not liable and won`t contribute to covering the costs to repair the damage to my vehicle caused by the car wash. He told me I would need to make a claim with my own insurance.
• Driver error is not the issue. Faulty equipment with no auto sensor on the exit door are the issues, along with the defensive and unethical attitude of the manager (Rose) and the claims reviewer (Rafael).

Nov 29, 2016

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