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Petro Canada, 13919 - 23rd Ave SW, Edmonton, Alberta T6R 3E7. I was at this gas station this morning fueling up and bought two additional Superworks as I usually stock up when I'm on my last one which was the case today. I used my last superworks this morning only to notice that the carwash caused damage to my vehicle. I went back this afternoon to get a refund on the two additional superworks purchased for 25.98 as I will never use this carwash again, only to be told that they are not refundable. These are unused car washes that I will never use again that I now have to eat the cost, as well as the cost of the damage to my vehicle. This speaks volumes of the customer service provided by Petro Canada. Very dissapointed with what I experienced today. I will never fuel up at a Petro Canada again. Sincerely, One Less Customer

Nov 08, 2015
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      Feb 15, 2016

    Car Wash Incident on Feb 13, 2016
    On Sat, Feb 13, 2016 at around 6.10 pm, I went for car wash at Petro Canada gas station at 620 Thomson Rd S, Milton.
    In the mid of the car wash, the car wash system stopped and I did not notice it that the machine had stopped as I could not see outside of my SUV since it was covered with soap and liquid chemical. At that time, no staff from Petro Canada came to help and attend to us. The car behind my car hit the back of my SUV. Damages to be assessed. I then realized that washing system was not working.
    I came down (in the washing area) to check my SUV and discovered that my SUV was fully covered with soap and chemical liquid and the whole car was total frozen including windshield, all windows, car body and wheels etc.
    I drove my car out from wash area and started to scrap ice from windshield and car windows.
    I told a staff who stand outside the car wash that he should come to our assistance and attend to us. His attitude was negative and said that he had no time to always look at the car wash machine. He said that I should know myself and drive my SUV out from wash area. He assumed that I (or the customers) always encounter such situation and know exactly what to do.
    I asked for a re-wash since my SUV was totally frozen and covered with chemical liquid. After removing all the ice, I drove in for a re-wash. After the re-wash, my car still cover with ice but better than the 1st wash.
    I inspected my car and discovered that my car license plate badly bent and license plate cover broken. I approached the same man who I spoke to outside the car wash. He later claimed that his name is DUSHAN and he is the Manager of the gas station. I asked him for compensation of my car license plate and cover. He told me that he will check the camera. I told him to go ahead and check. After some 10 to 15 minutes, he said he found nothing.
    He refused to compensate me and asked me to call the telephone number behind my car wash card. When I went home and called the Petro Canada Customer Service Center, the staff told me that the gas station had to follow proper procedure by filing an incident report before they can commence any investigations. By the way, till now I am still not sure if there are any damages to the back of my SUV. I need to send my car to workshop for assessment after the Family Day (holiday).
    I have to come the gas station again to file the incident report today. I am upset and highly disappointed that the gas station Manager DUSHAN failed to follow Standard Operating Procedures by conducting an investigation and filing an incident report. He also inconvenient the customer and I have to come to gas station again to file incident report.
    I found the gas station Manager DUSHAN highly unprofessional, does not process the right attitude and does not know how to manage situation and customer.
    DUSHAN is unresponsive, blaming customer and not working towards to resolve the issue. He play politics by asking me to call Petro Canada Customer Service Centre instead of filing an incident report which is a standard procedure. He did not keep to his promise. Initially he told me he will give me a car wash coupon for re-wash but later he refused to give it to me. He gave it me finally as I was not happy and reminded him that he broken his promise. DUSHAN’s attitude in putting profit ahead of custom needs in highly unacceptable. He also has poor communication and has no patient in connecting with customer. In general, DUSHAN’s process negative attitude in resolving the issue and his behavior towards customer is highly unacceptable. The cost for replacement for license plate and cover is highly negligible to the gas station but the situation was highly badly managed by the manager DUSHAN.
    I could have spent time to have a wonderfully Valentine dinner with my wife tonight but instead I have to come to the gas station to file incident report. It spoiled my Valentine Day and Family Day.
    Report dated Feb 14, 2016

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