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Simon's story, another heartbreaking story about my puppy that was purchased at the Westland MI Petland in September 2009. Simon is a 5 lb Torkie, Toy Fox Terrier and Yorkie mix.

After losing my collie Rascal to cancer in July of 2009, I desperately wanted another canine companion. I made at least a dozen attempts to locate the right companion at my local Humane Society but, had no luck finding the right match. On my way home from the Humane Society, I passed by the Westland Petland and saw a puppy for sale sign out front and my temptations got the best of me. I stopped in and the minute I saw little Simon, it was love at first sight and my thoughts went into rescue mode. I had to get him out of that small cage, away from the kids pounding on the glass and the other chaos going on in the store.

I inquired with the young sales girl about Simon and that's where the story really begins. I thought I asked all the right questions about his breeding and his health. I was not aware that Petland had so many pending issues with selling sick puppies. I was told that Simon was a healthy 2.5 lb Torkie puppy that had been regularly checked by the stores preferred vet. I was informed that Simon had an issue called Luxating Patella or in common terms a trick knee, I was not familiar with the issue so I inquired and was told Simon would grow out of this issue. I was also told that it was common in small dogs, that it was not serious and would not require medical attention.

Well months later his so called knee issue was not getting better. Simon has now been diagnosed by both my vet and the stores vet that he has a very serious issue called Legg Perthes. The issue was not with his knee, it is a congenital hip issue that causes a dog to go lame and can only be corrected with costly surgery. Simon's back right leg is completely lame and it's causing strain on his back left leg. Simon is being robbed of his wonderful puppy hood, he can't run and play like a young puppy should because of the pain and discomfort in his hip.

Petland is well aware of the issue and I have asked their assistance in helping me with the expected $2100.00 surgery fee. I have asked to speak with the store owners in person but, so far I have only had personal contact with the store manager. The owners did send me a few letters expressing their concerns but, so far have only put me in contact with their vet to do the surgery at a reduced fee. This is the same vet that miss-diagnosed Simon in the first place.

On 4/28/10, I inquired about the breeder and was told by the manager that they knew who the breeder was and would follow up with me with the info. When I want back to the store on 5/10 to pick up my copies of Simons X-rays and asked again for the breeder info the store manager told me they did not have the info like I was first told. I went home and called the store back, I felt I was being lied to and the manager admitted the owners put her up to it. They intentionally had her lie because they did not want to release the breeder info.

At this point I am beyond upset, I feel the store is hiding the fact that the are dealing with bad breeders and puppy mills. I just want justice for Simon, I need to come up with the money for his surgery and I feel Petland and their vendors should be responsible for covering the costs. I also want to make sure the breeder is held accountable for selling sick puppies. I don't want another one of Petland's customers or puppies to go through this heartache and pain

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  • Vl
      7th of Dec, 2008

    On November 30, 2008 Petland sold me a sick puppy. Her first free pet visit cost me $68! She has intestinal parasites. We had to take her back to the vet yesterday because she has severe yeast infections in both her ears and a "foreign body" growing on her spine -- another $113. We went back to Petland in hopes of speaking to the manager and working something out. When I said the words "sick puppy" in their crowded store, my daughter and I and three grandchildren were immediately surrounded by five store employees, the vet bills were forced from my daughter's hand by a six-foot male employee and we were pushed out of the store while a female employee called my daughter a ### because she was trying to explain our situation. The police were called and the male employee who took our vet bills tried to tell the police that my daughter assaulted him! They viewed the store video and of course no assault was seen. The female employee continued to scream at my daughter calling her a ### and insisting that she be arrested, while my grandchildren witnessed this. They are completely traumatized by the entire thing. My daughter and I had to sign trespass citations promising not to return to Petland under threat of arrest. How sad! SHAME on Petland for this nasty behavior! I am tenacious and intend to pursue this with vigor! Thanks for listening.

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  • So
      15th of Dec, 2008

    This is exactly why you do NOT buy a puppy from a Pet Store! I'm so sorry you have to go through all of this but I hope you learned a valuable lesson. God bless you and your familY!

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  • Un
      7th of Feb, 2009

    I too bought a Fox Terrier from this chain. Of course, at Petland, to keep the "14 day money back guarantee" warranty, I must purchase the food (which makes sense) plus over $80 in vitamins. Vitamins? If I don't, that means if the dog checks out not to be what I wanted, I can't return him?
    Of course, they got me to sign the contract for the dog @ $250 and collect the money first, THEN tell me if I don't buy vitamins, I must waive my Lemon Law rights. WHAT A SCAM! I demanded money back immediately before signing everything, but the lady laughed and told me it was too late, I must buy the vitamins to do that! Also, the "14 day money back guarantee" is at their discretion! Now I definitely didn't want the dog!

    All in all, watch out for this chain, they are scheming to sell you some sick, deformed, or runt of the litter puppies. Oh, by the way, the Fox Terrier I received has deformation in the legs (not visible until I got home), fused toes, and a muscular disorder in his legs. Not too visible in a tired puppy at the store when you play with him. It was a disaster that somehow I could forsee, but I wanted the dog! I changed my mind. Oh, and the pedigree that comes with the dog to "prove" he's the real deal Fox Terrier; yeah, it's nonsense. The dog I bought is most likely an Airedale Terrier mix, and the breeder on the pedigree and contracts doesn't exist! Isn't this illegal or fradulent? You'd know it was, but try explaining this to a lawyer for the matter of only $250... all of the sudden, the fees just talking to the lawyer are double the price of the dog!

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  • Be
      18th of Mar, 2010

    I purchased a Golden Retriever puppy from Petland 10 months ago. I just want to say she was sick with in days of getting her. She ended up with Kennel cough which I thought the puppies were vaccinated for this. I immediately took her to the vet for this. She was put on medication, but her cough was so bad I filled the bathroom up with steam to try to relieve the cough!! Horrible!! Then she proceeded to get sick off and on. She was anemic, then her lymph nodes swelled up, they thought she had lymphoma. I was an emotional wreck with this puppy!! She is now 10 months and seems to be healthy, FINALLY!! I wouldn't buy from petland again. Just be warned you may be in for some stiff vet bills!!

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  • Ma
      11th of Apr, 2010

    I bought a sick puppy which is coughing all the time. Can you tell me how can I get my money

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  • Mu
      14th of Jun, 2010

    If only more people would realize that these puppies are from puppy mills. They have been kept in terrible conditions and have been bred from mothers who have been forced to produce litter after litter. Hence the health issues relating from this. The retailers are not going to want you to know the breeders or where they come from. The sad fact is, that these breeders are normally from out of State where the laws are frequently non-existent for the health and care of these animals. Google and search pet shop breeders/suppliers, then search individual (so called) breeders. I don't think you will be happy with what you find!

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