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I want to inform you guys about your store in strongsville oh.

Couple of months back me and my wife went there to check some puppies and wanted to see one, when asked about that puppy, we were told that puppy can't come out because he was out a lot of times that day and was tired. We thought yeah thats a genuine reason since puppies are babies and get tired easily.

Same thing happened today dec 18th 2016, we asked for english bulldog puppy and we were told the same as above. Just about a minute later to guys came and asked for the same puppy and they got it.

So let me tell you first we are from india, the guys came were white. I didnt want to mention but your store guys are racists.

I am going to post this in reviews too and we (me and my wife) will never visit petland strongsville oh store.

I know one customer is nothing for such a big store but racism!!

This can be verified with two girls who worked there. Not sure what there names are.

Dec 18, 2016
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  • Li
      Apr 26, 2017

    Bad store owner – we went to “petland at southpark mall, strongsville, ohio” yesterday thinking we were going to bring home a cute little shih tzu to run around with – but instead we got the run-around. on friday (4-21-17) we were originally told that the price for the dog was $2, 600.00 and then a few minutes later told it was not $2, 600.00 but $2, 500.00. so over the weekend we thought about the dog and the price and were ready to get the dog – hopefully with a nice discount because of the cash payment. but this didn’t happen because on monday, april 24th, they raised the price on us – but not right away. interesting, that the price went up over $1, 000.00 because we were quoted $3, 600.00 as the new price – also interesting that we received the new pricing after we told them our story or maybe the price went up because we said we would pay cash and the owner got greedy.

    The original price on friday is $2, 500 but then it goes up on monday to $3, 600 with a $300 discount making it $3, 300.00. really?? the price goes up over $1, 000 and we’re supposed to feel good about a supposed $300 discount that will probably be lost to taxes??? and more importantly, the price is still way more than the original quote on friday of $2, 500.00.

    So we wonder, does the owner watch customers from the store cameras and decide who might be willing to pay an increased price because of emotional attachment to the animal or was the offer of cash payment enough to try for a higher profit margin?? anyways, an employee had come to help us yesterday at the strongsville petland and we spoke with him about negotiating a price for purchasing the dog we wanted if we paid cash but he said that only the manager could do that and that the manager was in the back with the dogs and that unfortunately, the manager couldn’t come out to talk to us (or wouldn’t come out because we were there for quite a while and never spoke with the manager). we were told that it was really the owner’s decision to handle discount questions anyways. seriously? no time to see a customer about a sale?? we were still waiting for the price quote and assumed that any discount would be off the $2, 500 we were quoted on friday. we shared with the employee our story and a picture of our other dog max to which he replied, “wow, they look exactly alike!...” (comparing max to the new puppy), and he said he would try again to reach the owner about any discount they could give us because we were willing to make a cash payment and take the dog home that night. the employee did contact the owner and came back to us with her offer, to sell us the puppy for $3, 600 and that she would be willing to discount that price a few hundred dollars down to about $3, 299. when I heard the employee give us the owner’s quote I said, “what do you mean $3, 600.00? the dog was $2, 500 on friday and now the price went up $1, 000 in a few days are you kidding me?” I think the employee was perplexed at our response and said that sometimes the prices go up. I mean really?? – I don’t think the employee knew what to say to us – and he was caught in the middle – us and the greedy store owner!! is it because we said we had cash??? or is this owner always ripping people off?? what kind of racket is this that supposedly everyone gets a different price depending on what they can get you for??

    Still waiting to hear from the owner. very, very, very bad customer service. i’ve read reviews on pet stores and do not necessarily agree that all pet stores should be closed – but if this one cheats the customers — maybe it should be. do you want loving homes for the pets – or do you just want to just play on our emotions and empty our wallets!!! no one likes to be cheated!!! shame on the owner... bad owner!!

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