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NY, United States Review updated:

Beware petland is not hiring any black employees. I was called in for an
interview on monday. The manager asked me to come in the next day. When I got there I seen two out of shape (it's a europhism for fat) employees, they were both Hispanic. They weren't all that courteous either. I ask the girl behind the
cashier counter if the manager is there she said he just stepped out and she
made a remark to her husky friend in Spanish, about me no doubt. I didn't let it
bother me because I feel I could win them over even if their prejudice. I asked
her if she knew the manager was conducting more interviews, she didn't know and
seemed oblivious. The manager walks in and doesn't acknowledge me. Yesterday on the phone i was called sweetheart and sweetie, but today that stopped. I can see the look of disappointment on his face. He had me fill out the application
again, and I had to sit on a dirty stool. He conducts the interview in the
store. I stood up for half an hour. I wasn't taken seriously, I wasn't treated
with respect. He didn't even ask for a resume. He claims the store is so busy
that he was finding a hard time doing interviews. That was a flat out lie. There
were two other employee there, doing absolutely nothing. There was no excuse as
to why he couldn't conduct a proper interview in the back and we could sit down
at a desk like two civil human beings. He tells me he's not hiring anyone in
this store. Any maybe I will find a job else where. I act surprised, but I knew
the deal. He didn't want my dark skin employed in this store. I shook his hand
and said nice to meet you because I will not stoop down to any of those guys
level. Just before he dismisses me he gave me a card and tells me if i had any
question to call the store's number and not to call the number he called me on for
the interview because that was his cell phone number. It was a dehumanizing
experience but just because I met a few people of any race who chose to
discriminate or be prejudice doesn't mean I have to be. The cycle has to end
somewhere and i'm doing my part. I act professional and left. It's there lost.

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  • Sh
      Jul 14, 2012

    It's sad to think this type of discrimination is even an issue still

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  • Th
      Jul 18, 2012

    You have zero evidence of discrimination. That is a horrible accusation to make with no proof. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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  • Ra
      Aug 02, 2012

    "Europhism?" You callin' Europeans "fat?"
    Seriously Tiff, don't blame yourself and don't blame them. Hiring race carders is a no win situation - except for lawyers who make tons of money on those race-based lawsuits. Write letters to your NAACP rep and to Al Sharpton, and tell 'em to tell y'all to back off already.

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