Petland - Canadawing trims

This is about an issue I had with Petland in Calgary (Deerfoot Meadows) and wing trims. The Humane Society is investigating and I want this practice to be stopped. Here is my story.

I had an incident with petland 3 weeks ago. I took my 2 cockateils in to have their wings clipped. One of the cockatiels I had adopted from the humane society. The young girl there that normally does the wings was busy with an adoption sooo she advised me a young fellow would be doing their wings. She assured me he knew how. The birds were in the room for close to 30 mins is my guess. I did hear a screech from one of them and I commented to my grandaughter that they must have made one angry. Anyways, when I going them back, my yellow aka Tucker (the one i adopted) had some blood on her wing. I asked the guy and he said he "snipped" her but didn't seem concerned. I noticed that that was also hiding her head under the blanket in the carrier, which she has never done before. Both birds were extremely irritated when I got them home and I left them in a quiet and cozy room. This was on a Saturday. Normally I bring them out in the early evening for bonding time. This time I left them alone. On Monday, I brought them out to watch hockey with me. I had tucker on my shoulder and a big blob of blood hit my shoulder. I then put her on a portable perch with a towel under the perch and she keep bleeding. I then Calgary Calgary North (who are amazing) and brought both birds.. They were able to stop the bleeding but because the Avian vet woldn't be there until the morning, they thought it was best that Tucker stay the night for observation. Harlee (my grey) was able to to stay with her. Tucker spent some time in an incubator for oxygen and warmth.. The following day, they had to "gas" her to allow them to look closer and the wing. The Vet called me and told me it appears a blood feather was cut very very close. The clinic was in touch with Petland who was then aware of the problem ... BUT petland back peddled saying " our staff are trained blah blah blah... and put it on me. There issue was it took 2 days to bleed out... they obviously did something at petland to stop the bleed hoping it would work.. I do have the feather that came off the rest of the way. I found it after I got back from the Vet Clinic.

The young fellow that did the wings (they only did one bird but are saying both were done) told me outright that he was not experienced .

I work with a girl that used to work at Petland .. she also was taught to clip the wings She told me .. that may of the staff, especially the young ones, are not 100% capable of handling the birds properly and tend to stress them out. let alone clipping the wings. I was as well told I couldn't be in the room as it would be too crowded.

This practice at Petland should be stopped. If we were not home, Tucker would have bled to death! she lost alot of blood from the time it started to the time I got her to Calgary North.

PETLAND IS TAKING NO OWNERSHIP... in fact they turned it around and basically blamed me because the bleeding 2 days after.

As a result of this horrible wing clip, my Feather buddy cannot land property .. she stumbles, and also we have been working for weeks trying to tame her.. we had her stepping up and now she just hides behind the cage. Very heartbreaking.

I look forward to hearing back with some advice .. and thank you for reading my rant.

Jun 12, 2017

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