Penske Truck Rental / personal property fraudulently &donated or dumped& from repossessed vehicle

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In 4/10 I rented a Penske truck in Oakland, CA for a friend and all my belongings were inside. The same day, I flew to New Mexico to take care of my mother. I am still in New Mexico. For health reasons, my friend was unable to unload the truck contents into storage and parked it in a parking lot in San Francisco. The truck was repossessed by Penske with everything inside and Penske sent a letter addressed to my attention to an address OTHER than what appeared on the rental agreement. When that letter was returned as a "bad address", they either "donated or dumped" all my belongings. I have spent two years trying to get a response from the Oakland Penske dealer (2227 San Pablo Avenue), their collections department, collections attorney in Florida, etc. I finally posted a blurb on their Facebook page voicing my displeasure and was responded to by their Director of Public Relations. He indicated it was my fault and denied Penske's liability in the case and offered me between zero and $5, 000. When I told him I could get more in Small Claims Court, he stopped negotiations stating that I had threatened legal action. I then wrote a detailed demand letter to Penske Corporate counsel in Reading, PA with an itemization of belongings and estimated worth. I asked her to answer my letter within 30 days. On the 29th day, I received a response indicating she would be back to me within 30 days. She has not kept her word and I'm tired of dealing with Penske's evasiveness, and all the time I've wasted on trying to get compensated for my belongings. Penske's corporate offices have all the information and are playing games, delaying this fiasco further, and I need immediate resolution to a problem that has been going on for two painful years. My health has suffered as a result of their negligence and attempts to minimize their liability in sending a letter to the wrong address and then keeping all my belongings.

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  • Ma
      31st of Mar, 2012

    Dude, it sounds like you should be pissed off at your friend. I missed the part where you contacted them and let them know there were problems and how you were going to take care of YOUR responsibility. Sure. Their lack of communication is a bit unsettling but you ABANDONED a truck in a parking lot. Not too smart. I used to manage a car rental company before I retired I can tell you that if you did that with a car you'd be S.O.L. I ain't a huge fan of Penske myself but they ain't the bad guys here. You're stuff was sold for weight to a salvage company after 90 days if they're anything like a car company and they had every right to do so. Take some responsibility next time and make a call right away.

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