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I did not order anything from PCH. I tried e-mailing you and telling you that. I refused shipment of the item and mailed it back. I was very disappointed in PCH.
Frances Jameson

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  • Ha
      Nov 17, 2008

    To whom it may concern:

    I have made quite a few orders, many of which were flowers for planting. These are the flowers that did not come up:

    Wildflower Naturalizing Tulip Blend Set of 12 /with 12 free
    Apricot Queen Rose
    Lavender Mountain Lilies - 60 bulbs
    Fragrant Freesias - 50 bulbs - 50 free
    Wonder Flower Bulbs - 20 bulbs (chincherinchees)
    Miss Saigon Dutch Iris - 50 bulbs
    Blushing Bride Hibiscus Tree

    Please send me replacements for these plants, whenever the time is right for planting them. If you don't have replacements, then I would like my money back.

    Thank you,
    Hannelore Treu

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