PC Richard & Son / ductless air conditioning unit installer

I purchased the Friedrick ductless air conditioning unit in April 2018 and Kay the Salesman advised I can install the unit in the front of my house and run the piping to the side of the house. When Brendon the installer arrived he told me it couldnt be done and that I shouldn't of been advised differently. Honestly, it was obvious the installer didn't want to do the extra work and convinced me to put it where I didn't want it. After a lot of back and forth and leading me to believe the salesman was contacted they installed the unit where I didnt want it. Once everything was completed, the installer told me I should receive a refund as the work wasn't as intense. I contacted Kay and he told me the installer should of did what was instructed and I am not getting money back. Kay came back to my house to look at the installation and advised they can come back and put the unit where we originally discussed. He also discussed a pump that can be installed through my attic. After weeks of back and forth I was advised nothing could be done and I was never told the pump could definitely be installed. I asked if I paid for the pump could it be done and never received a response. I called customer service and nobody ever returned my call. I have the text messages from Kay the salesman and myself. I am extremely disgusted over this experience and the way I was treated and the unprofessionalism from both parties was awful. The manager never called me and I was told to call him which isn't how customer service works. I was a loyal customer to PC Richards buying all my appliances for my condo and house from. Unfortunately, I will NEVER purchase another item from this store or will anyone from my family. My experience was less than a zero.

Jul 30, 2018

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