Paypal / very poor seller protection

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I guess PayPal is not that bad when you are a buyer, but if you are a seller like me prepare to get zero help and support from PayPal!
I had an account on eBay and was selling stuff. One of my customers contacted me and said that he was not satisfied with the product and asked for a refund. I told him that first I want to get my item back and after I get it I'll issue a refund and he agreed. Later I got contacted by PayPal and they said that there was a dispute against me, that I was a fraudulent seller and refused to refund my customer!! They did not believe that I was the actual victim and that buyer was just a thieve. They gave him his money back and I did not receive my product back. Absolutely terrible attitude towards sellers!! PayPal is not so good as many think.

Jan 30, 2017

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