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Payless Car Rental / Fraudulent Repair Charges

1 Pearson Airport Toronto, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

After renting a vehicle from Payless at the Toronto airport location, my credit card was charged over $600 for pre-existing damages to the vehicle. A trumped up invoice from a company called Les Automobiles Autowise was sent to me claiming materials and 5 hours of labour for supposed repairs to the passenger side door. The vehicle was already damaged in so many areas when I rented it that it became immediately obvious that this is a scam and no actual repairs are ever made. The repair company and Payless share the same business address! And an internet search revealed previous complaints against Les Automobiles Autowise in Ontario and Quebec. Luckily, my credit card insurance will cover these costs, but let this be a warning to ALL to never use Payless Car Rental!!

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  • Wo
      26th of Oct, 2008
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    Dear all

    they did the same thing to me. the person on the fron desk told me to wait while i was in the office. the car was in a good condition. he came back and told me that there is a damage on the car. after a week the rip me off around 500 dollar from my credit card. pls dont go there

  • Pa
      27th of Jan, 2009
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    Roughly 50% of those smaller Airport rental companies are rip offs. You have to stay with bigger ones like Enterprise Inc. or such and you're still taking a gamble. Budget ripped me off an dthey are considered "large". Be careful.

  • Vi
      30th of Jan, 2009
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    Same problem with Payless in Orlando. They found a sratch on the car on the return that I did see when I took the car out at night.
    The charge to my card is $404.00.
    I am going to go to court on this one, since the "repair"
    was just an estimate, and not a bill, so they are probably waiting for the next sucker to not notice the scratch, and repeat the scam.
    Beware of Payless, and especially at the Orlando, airport location.

  • Gr
      10th of Feb, 2009
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    Please Victor inform me of you current situation as I am on the same boat: Payless Orlando charged me for $1149 fro a dent on the roof I had no idea about!
    What did you do to try to get your money back?



  • An
      10th of Sep, 2009
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    Hey Stephen, in your post you admitted that you damaged the door, but your complaint was that it was already damaged. Not the point. To fix a tiny dent on a car costs a minimum $500. If they wanted to replace the door, the charge would have been at least a couple thousand dollars. So it seems to me that the repair estimate was fair. And as with ant ins claim, you're not actually required to fix the car.

  • Ma
      2nd of Apr, 2010
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    Like several others who have commented here, I reserved a car online from Payless in San Diego and when I got to the counter was told that to drive to Arizona I would have to purchase extra insurance which then doubled the rental cost. Since this has happened to others in other states, it obviously is a company authorized scam. Do not be suckered in by a low online rate from Payless. In San Diego they are off airport and you will find it very difficult to get to another rental car company.

  • Pa
      19th of Jun, 2010
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    I worked for Payless in Toronto. The owner is same for Toronto and Montreal location. HOrrible people. They own a hotel, Payless Car Rental in Toronto and Montreal, EZ rent-a-car in Toronto and Montreal. If there is a way to scam money off of u they will. You have to be smart and blunt to deal with these people. The stories I know you will be shockedddddd...
    The owner ARTI acts like a dumb agent that just started working when at a counter. RAJ likes to call himself Roger the agent. lol yea like the owner will really approve of an employee walking around the office in his PJs. No professionalism. He is a sick old horny ******* that flirts and tries to sleep with his employees.

    SO you go there... if ur lucky the shuttle will pick u up on promptly otherwise you might be waiting hours bc the owner doesnt want the shuttle going back and forth for one person even if it means tht person missin his/her flight. THen your asked ur driver's license and credit card, ur current mailing address phone numbers, additional drivers, etc. Basic or Full coverage. Normal person would in this case choose basic cuz they think those are the only two options given the structure of the question. For god's sake you just landed from god knows how long of a flight. and then all these mind games. Basic include CDW and liability, CDW covers ur car liability covers the third person n their property. If u have coverage on your credit card you refuse coverage but they scare you tht you needddd 8.95 liability coverage if you hit some1 they can sue u for million dollars... well folks u DONT need to get that because by law all the car rental companies have to have tht coverage. that 8.95 is just a scam under some fancy name to get around legal trouble and the employees are trained to use words wisely. So in short if you know u have coverage denyyy all coverage from them. And oh so ur from states u have ur insurance you know ur covered but now they want the pink slip... like who carries tht. The owner themselves dont carry it. Buncha hypocrites... So make sure you have ur pink slip and sometimes they still try to scare u n push you with fancy terms. Dont fall fot it like i said its all mind and word games! And then they print it tell you sign here here here here... MAKE SURE YOU READ THE CONTRACT INSIDE OUT!!! THEY ADD STUFF ON THAT YOU HAVENT ASKED FOR... E.G PAI OR CDW U DENIED!!!

    so now ur waitin for your car if your lucky the car will be there but if its one of the busy days get ready to wait hours for it or even a day or two if ur willin to wait tht long. when inspecting the car MAKE SURE U GET EACH AND EVERY LIL DENT MARKED b/c if you dont they WILL hold u accountable for it upon return. CHECK THE WINSHEILD, MIRRORS, STAINS, SMOKE SMELL, ANIMAL FUR, TIRES, HUB CAPS, RIMS, TOP BOTTOM (YES the bottom b/c believe it or not they have bent down and checked if the front bumper got any scratches). Take your time examining the car because if you miss even a small dent only visible from a weird angle or a really tiny chip in the windshield, you will end up paying 100's for it.

    OH and make sure you DO NOT pay Cash!!! Your credit card WILL get charged as well. IF you do pay cash, get a receipt saying you paid cash and HOLD ON TO THAT RECEIPT!

    so after a tiring flight your willing to take all these precautions then yes by all means go rent at Payless Car Rental or EZ rent-a-car.

  • Pa
      19th of Jun, 2010
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    oh one more thing... so the money they take from you to fix their cars... they don't even fix them... they get multiple customers to pay for same damages!!! hence y you get beat up cars. oh and their mechanic... apparently they give him some cut and he makes fake receipts!!!

  • Ma
      18th of Aug, 2010
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    I agree I got the same thing when I returned a car and the checkin agent looks it over and said there a scratch on the lower rigth side of the front bumper. She says it is your responsibility to0 check the car thoroughly before you leave the lot. Well being tired and rushed after our flight into toronto/pearson and the hassel to find the shuttle pickup location, we are never properly told of all the fine print and was charged over $600.00 for a small scratch that I am sure was there from a previous rental and I was charged again for something that was charged to someone else before. Anyway to stop thes crooks????

  • La
      12th of Jun, 2011
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    Payless Car Rental - Scam
    Payless Car Rental
    United States

    Payless car rental is the worst co. I've ever dealt with. I arrived at the SFO airport to supposedly pick up my car, like their ad said, only to find it was not at the airpost, but 10 miles away from the airport, no shuttle service available and their telephone number had been changed the day before, so noone answered the phone number I had. I had to take a tzxi to my location. I called the 1-800 number the next day, and was told by two customer sevice agents, their p/u location was at the airport. They knew nothing about the telephone number change. I finally insisted to talk with a supervisor, he finally confirmed the phone number had been changed the day before.. I asked him to register a consumer complaint and to have someone call me, . He said someone would call me within 72 hours?. It is now 2 weeks later and still no phone call.. Save yourself the hassle and use a reputable co'. Besides Payless has huge taxes and additional fees that other companies like Enterprise don't have so you don't save any money with their $9/.95 a d ay charge:. It's a scam

  • Ro
      1st of May, 2014
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    Payless Car Rental - Excess charges, fraudulent damage
    Payless Car Rental

    STAY AWAY! STAY AWAY! STAY AWAY!1) They are not cheap. Charges on top of your rental rate (not including insurance) will be >50% of the rental rate! ... Airport based rental companies are 30% more. It makes Payless' cost the same or higher!2) Bait and switch ... was supposed to be unlimited KM, told only 200 when I got there.3) Bait and switch more. Was told it would be $38/day including taxes on the phone. Was $47 when I got there.4) FRAUDULENT DAMAGE CLAIM. I was shown the car at night, wet, in a very dark lot. A car that supposedly was new and in perfect shape ... they rushed me through it. Did my best to indicate scratches. I was never given a copy of my damage report. Brought the car back, and magically, they instantly find a "new" scratch. Yes a scratch. $500 later (will get that back through Visa) ... so much for Pay "Less".As I am sitting there, there is a stack of these damage claims. I have rented approximately 200 cars in my life, never gotten a damage claim once till now!! How many others did they defraud?Oh, that damage claim magically says No Tax on the receipt. I wonder what Revenue Canada will think of that?On other person was there when I was, a young female student. They were extorting $750 out of here for an alleged new "scratch" on the windshield. UNREAL!

  • Wa
      30th of Dec, 2015
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    Hi Robert,
    I'm currently dealing with a potential situation like this. Just wondering what was the outcome of your situation. Did you end up paying? Get legal aid or support?

    It's so ridiculous how these car rental places operate and there's so much of these dirty dealings that I find it a shame that not enough people like the police are getting involved.

  • Je
      21st of Jul, 2016
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    I told the Las Vegas "clerk" that I didn't want anything except the car rental. I was told that I had to have roadside assistance. So much for payless, they should change the name to paymore! After a BBB complaint they sent me a credit. Needless to say I will NEVER rent from them again!

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