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This is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my entire life!!! I had a terrible experience!!! These people have non-existent customer service!!!
I ordered a rear wheel bearing and hub assembly for my vehicle as it was in the shop up on the lift waiting to be worked on. To buy from the dealership, each part was $200, so I researched online auto products and saw that popped up in google showing they had my parts. I even forwarded the listing to my mechanic to make sure I was getting both parts. He said that when you order a wheel hub assembly, that it means you are receiving both the wheel bearing and hub, the entire assembly.
I even went a step further and called parts geek, yet they never answer their phones. Big red flag there. Should have taken my business elsewhere at this point, but I decided to leave a support ticket which is where you fill out all your information as well as your issue and they return your call when they feel necessary.
I got a call back finally and talked to a human being which is what I wanted to do before I ordered my parts. I wanted to be positively sure that I was ordering the right parts. I spoke to "lee" who was a parts geek employee, and he reassured me several times that I would be receiving the rear wheel hub and bearing for my vehicle. I asked a couple more times "are you sure?" and he reassured me that the wheel hub assembly was both the picture description, it only showed the hub, so I wanted to be positively positive before I ordered because the price was only $58 including shipping for both parts.
I was awaiting my parts and received the shipment in 3 days. I was excited to open the box and deliver the parts to my mechanic as I was without a vehicle for 4 days already! I opened the box, and there was one part and it was the wheel bearing and a different brand at that!!! I was confused because in the picture they showed the hub, yet I received the bearing only.
I was angry because I had talked to the guy and he reassured me several times that I would be receiving both parts in the order. I then called multiple times and of course, no answer. I left 2 support tickets on friday voicing my concerns and they are open saturday, yet no return call! I waited till monday and left another support ticket, but they have a limit for each email. You can only have 2 or 3 support tickets sent to them, yet they never call you back, especially if you have an issue with them.
I called about 30 times that day and finally, somebody actually answered!!! I told the guy what happened and he said he would have "lee" call me back in 5 minutes. I wasn't counting on the call back because of how long I was being avoided, but I was hoping. I did get a call back from the guy who originally told me that I was receiving both parts and he said he would call the warehouse and see what happened.
He then emailed me and said he explained to the warehouse what part I needed and that they sent it 2nd day air. I never received any tracking number or anything. I waited to finally receive my part on thursday. By this time, my car was sitting in the shop for 9 days because I was waiting for the remaining part that I paid for.
I got the shipment, opened it up, and it was the same part they sent before!!! I was so mad because I needed my car and they sent me the same exact part as they sent before. What a joke! I immediately emailed him and told him that they sent the same part and all he said was "oh. Thought they would get it right this time. I will send ups to pick the parts up." I said "I need one of the parts, and now I have to buy the hub retail, even though that part was pictured in the ad, and I will just keep the other part sent as well because I paid for 2 parts."
He sent an email saying "the description of the item you bought was wrong, and the item number matched only the bearing, so you need to return the part we sent you as a courtesy." I was like "what? How in the world am I supposed to know the item number you listed as both parts only matched one part, even though you showed a picture of the part I didn't receive? It's not my problem or fault that you put the wrong picture and description and told me what I was ordering was both parts. You should make it right, but you are hounding me for the part you say is"courtesy"which is not right. I paid for two parts per the description and if I knew I wasn't getting both parts I ordered, I never would have bought from you! I am keeping both parts because I paid for 2 parts." he then emailed me back saying "if you don't return the part we sent you, I will mark your order as fraud and you will not be able to use our site in the future."
I was laughing at this point because why would I want to order from them again! I told them they were shady and had terrible customer service and they are still sending ups every single day to try to get the part they say is a "courtesy" part. They have to be crazy to think I would give them that part back when they apparently put up the wrong description where the item number doesn't even match the right brand listed, let alone the parts! Ridiculous!
I also cancelled my debit card because they are so horrible, I assumed they would try to charge me again for the part they say was a courtesy. I emailed them and told them that they will get their part back as soon as they send me the other part I paid for. No response. Big surprise.
They are a terrible business and don't take responsibility for mistakes or correct them. I am obviously not the only person who is extremely unhappy with their services because they have 353 complaints on!!! I mean, really??? That shows they don't care about the customer or making things right. I am the 354th complaint.

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      4th of Sep, 2012

    Maybe this is a fluke but am surprised to read these bad reviews about Parts Geek. My experience with them was good. I ordered several parts from them for my Mercedes 300D including 2 rear axles. The axles were A1 Cardone with $60 core charge each. I returned the cores and got my $120 core charge back. I can't think of anything negative to say about them other than it might have been hard to contact them by phone but they always responded to my emails.

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