Papa John's / unethical behavior

San Juan, Puerto Rico, PR

I placed a take out order that total the amount of $180.00 by phone. When I arrived at the store (11:30 am) one of the employee informed me that they had no ATM service. Since I did not had the complete amount of cash on me, I head out to get cash a the nearest ATM machine. When I arrived back, I had to wait another extra 15 min (11:45 am) because on of the employee wouldn't charge me until (12:00 pm), when she punched in for work. Find out all of this in a rude maner. All of the pizzas was just sitting there. Meanwhile all of the other employees was at the back talking and not paying attention to the customers. But the worst part of all of my bad experience at that particular store was that the man that prepared the pizzas was not wearing no sanitation gloves. He was making all of the pizzas with his bare hands after wiping his sweat of his forehead. Never going back to that place again.

Nov 17, 2017

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